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First day back!

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One good tip for move-in day: come early. Before break, signs were posted around the halls that the university would be open at noon Sunday January 25th, but like my first move in day, I came a couple hours earlier. When I moved in, at 10, I was one of only 4 cars on the street, no congested hallways, and was able go through the whole process rather easily. When I arrived to the room, everything was as we left it. Everyone thought that the school would have someone come in over break and do a little cleaning up of the floors, but no such thing happened. The hallways looked very clean, but the rooms were not cleaned at all, at least not mine or any of my friends' rooms. I unpacked all my things, said my goodbyes, and was able to organize my side of the room before anyone else arrived. Later on, around 12:30-1:00, I helped a couple of my friends move in, and it was just hectic. There were cars double parked all down Pawtucket St., and you couldn't help bumping into people left and right. After I helped all of my friends move in, I went back to my room to rest and while I was lying down, my other three roommates were scrambling around the room, putting clothes away, and rearranging furniture. I was definitely glad that I had come so early, otherwise I would have had to deal with the chaos that was going on in my room.

The bad thing about move-in day was that the bookstore was closed. It didn't make sense to me why they would close the bookstore the day everyone moved in and the day before classes. Most of my friends, me included, were going to have our parents assist us with purchasing books, and with them already present for moving in, it was the most convenient time. With parents already here and classes beginning the very next day, it was the perfect day to keep the bookstore closed.

It was nice to be back though. My friends and I hung around and were glad to be back. We watched T.V. and did everything we used to do, and everything was the same again. Every once in a while, one of us would say, ďI miss doing this.Ē, and we would all agree.

I have to start getting ready for my first class though, till next time,


Workout Playlist!

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Hey guys! Only about a week left until I can move back in, and I can't wait!

I often go to the gym and put my iPod on shuffle, but it's kind of annoying when the song that plays is a slow-depressing song and I have to change the song until I hear one that I can actually workout to. I went through my itunes library, and quickly made my own playlist that I thought I'd share with you guys! It's a mix of both rock and rap so there should it's sort of well-rounded, here are the songs:

places for my head - linkin park
one step closer - linkin park
what ive done - linkin park
bleet it out - linkin park
kryptonite - 3 doors down
I'm supposed to die tonight - 50 cent
The View From the Afternoon- arctic monkeys
Over Here Hustlin' - Birdman & Lil Wayne
The Rock Show - Blink 182
Till I collapse - Eminem
Feel Good Inc. - Gorilaz
You So Tough - G-Unit
Get Up - 50 Cent
Roc Boys (And The Winner Is) - Jay-Z
Points of Authority/99 Problems/ One Step Closer - Jay-Z/Linkin Park mix
Numb/Encore - Jay-z/Linkin park mix
Stronger - Kanye West
The New Workout Plan - Kanye West
forgotten - linkin park
somewhere i belong - linkin park
lying from you - linkin park
The View - Modest Mouse
This is the slam - toby mac
Here it Goes Again - Ok Go
Hey Ya! - Outkast
Seven nation army - white stripes
I'm Illy - T.I.
Headstrong - Trapt
Say Yeah - Wiz Khalifa

Students who attend UML are lucky enough to have access to Ruckus. Ruckus is a music downloading service that UML has a subscription to, allowing all students to download limitlessly from Ruckus' large database. The downloads are fast, 100% legal, free to the students, and a service not all schools offer. You don't even have to be on campus to download; I was downloading some songs at home via that Ruckus service, and my sister, who attends Bates, was surprised that UML offered this to their students.

On a related topic, my New Year's resolution is giving up soda!

Well that's all for now, I hope my workout playlist helps those looking for some good music for the gym!

Vacation Update!

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This break so far has been great and a lot of fun, but I am dying to go back to school! I've tried occupying myself with various vacation projects, but it doesn't beat the school life.

The one thing I dislike most about Umass Lowell is the distance from my house. I know there are others who live much further away than I do, but it's still one of my number one complaints. Most of my friends are from the north shore area, so have a better chance of knowing other classmates either from sports or mutual friends. It wasn't difficult for me to make new friends, but many others already had head starts. Also, on numerous occasions, my friends will meet to catch up on each other's lives at a local restaurant or home. While it'll take them 5-10 minutes to travel, it will take me 1-2 hours without snow or traffic! It only bugs me since I have to pay for gas, but it's a manageable obstacle for me. So far, I've met up with my college friends a couple times to discuss the latest news, and just recently had to sleepover because of the horrific weather conditions.

I've already worked a couple days at my new store, and it is definitely different from my old store. Although the names and merchandise are exactly the same, I will only see around 5 customers on average at my new store, compared to the thousands I used to see at my old store. Because of the huge decrease in customers, the workload isn't as great, but most of the shift, I'll stand around trying to find something to keep myself occupied. Overall though, I do like my new store more than my old one. I've gotten numerous phone calls from managers and associates trying to ask me to come back, and I do miss all my co-workers, but I would rather stay with my new store. Since there aren't as many customers and isn't as big of a store, the overall cleanliness is better and I'm not asked to stay till ridiculous hours, like 4 in the morning!

One vacation project I would like to share is converting to Linux. If your not familiar with the Linux operating system, imagine Windows and Mac, and how they're both computers but different environments. Linux is another computing environment popular to programmers and web servers since it's almost impossible to get a virus on it. It's been known to many as the more technical environment to many, but I have found it just as easy to operate as Windows and Mac. The current ďversionĒ of Linux that I am using is called Ubuntu, a very popular Linux version that is used by bother beginners and experts. So far everything is great, and I may never use Windows again!

That's it for now guys! A little less than two weeks till move in day, and I can't wait! Till next time,


Hope everyone had a great new year! For the New Year, I gave up candy and soda, but unfortunately I already gave in! Last night I was driving around, and when I stopped for gas I bought a cream soda without even thinking twice about it! After realizing my pathetic fail, I realized that this was going to be a lot harder than I previously thought. Iím still going to try attempting it, and hopefully Iíll make it!

In my previous post, I had mentioned looking for a new job, and I found one! Kinda sortaÖ My old store was a 45 minute drive and paying for gas barely gave me any profit, especially when gas was up to 4 dollars a gallon. A new Hollister just opened up 10 minutes away from me in Foxborough, and I thought that would be a better place to work since I wouldnít have to drive as far. I was able to talk to managers at both my old store and Foxborough and was able to transfer stores. My new store looks like a good place to work, especially since itís connected to Gillette Stadium! Not only is it connected to Gillette, but it also has a cinema right on the floor below! Iíve never seen that kind of setup before, but I sure am excited about it! Another good thing about transferring is I get to keep all the raises Iíve earned and I wonít have to fill out any applications, so it saves a lot of work. I visited the store yesterday and was able to transfer yesterday as well, so I start Tuesday!

Thatís all for now guys! Till next time,


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