Thanksgiving Break Update

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This past Thursday was Thanksgiving, and a time when most, if not all, students go home. The university was open until 5PM and I had class until 3:45PM. Some of the students, such as the athletes, either stayed all break or came back on Friday. I went back home Wednesday night and was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with my entire family.  Midnight on Black Friday, my family has a tradition of visiting the Wrentham Premium Outlets. We left at 10:00PM, and what is usually a 20 minute drive became a 2 and a half hour drive. I was able to get a couple things there, but going so late was definitely not worth it.

One thing that I was able to get at the Wrentham Outlets, was a backpack. Before college, I was wondering what sort of backpack I should carry around; I didnít want something too big or too  small, too nerdy, etc. For the first couple months I was doing just fine with just a drawstring bag provided by the Student Government Association, but I decided that I wanted a regular backpack to look a little more mature and collegiate like. I ended up getting a backpack with enough space for all my books and school supplies, as well as my laptop. Bringing my laptop to class definitely helps with taking notes, since I can type faster than I write freehand.

Another good thing about going home for Thanksgiving was being able to work. Money is very scarce as a college student, and I was very happy when my old store called me up and asked me to work. I ended up working Black Friday during the night, and Saturday. My paycheck is on a biweekly schedule so Iím waiting excitedly for it to arrive.

I came back to the University Sunday November 30th during the day because my intramural hockey team had its first playoff game during the evening. It was a very close game between us, The Shamrocks, and the opposing team, Couple Beers No Beers, but we ended up winning 7 to 6. I was recently informed that the team which wins the entire playoffs will play the intramural champions from Merrimack. Winning the entire playoffs is kind of a stretch, but hopefully weíll be able to do it. Our next game is December 9th against one of the best intramural teams, Team Compete.

Thatís it for my Thanksgiving update! Time to study for finals!


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