Christmas Eve Update! FINALS DONE!

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Hey guys, itís Christmas Eve!! I havenít blogged in a bit since Iíve had finals and had to pack, but Iím home now and found the time to blog.

Finals as I suspected, were not difficult, but at the same time, were not a breeze. It didnít require endless hours of mind straining studying, but at the same time I couldnít just go into every final without studying. All my finals were in the same format; all the students in every section that the teacher had were sat in a huge lecture hall and given the test. Compared to high school, finals are the same; just a cumulative review of everything learned. Some of my friends werenít really comfortable with their studying skills and decided to go to the free tutoring services offered by the schools. Both before and after the exam they felt very confident and recommended the services for next semester. I did well on all my finals, but I think Iíll give the tutoring a try next semester.

My last final was Monday morning, and I left campus that same afternoon. Since I was the last to leave the room, I was responsible for final move-out procedures: Shut & lock all windows, empty all the trash cans in the room, unplug everything, lock the door, etc. We were allowed to keep anything we wanted in our room, but it was made clear anything missing when we came back from break was not the universityís responsibility.  Coming home the 22nd of December was definitely late compared to my friends. Many people were already back by the first week of December, but because of that, they end break earlier as well.

Iíve been working at my current job (Hollister) for about a year and a half now, and Iím thinking about going on a job hunt for something new. Long hours and minimum wage just doesnít cut it anymore, especially since Iím on my break. I worked a total of 12 hours last night and didnít come home until 3AM! I understand since itís Christmas, the store needs a lot of cleaning, but working till the early hours of the morning just isnít worth minimum wage.  I probably will keep the job for winter break because itíll be hard to find someone thatíll hire me for just a month, but I definitely will go job hunting in the summer.

Itís only been two days since Iíve left campus but I miss it already! In college, you can be with your friends for as long as you like, right when you wake to right when you go to bed. A couple nights ago, while it was snowing, Bourgeois and Leitch (the two freshman residence halls) had a snowball fight at 1AM. It was a mutual agreement that my hall, Bourgeois, won. After the fight, my friends and I were talking about how this would not be possible at home.

Thatís it for now, Iíll be sure to blog again real soon!


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Private Jets said:

Glad you made it through finals reasonably well. I agree with you on minimum wage sucks.

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