Update full of losses :(

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Finally found some time on my hands today, so I decided to update you guys!

This past Wednesday, November 5th, there was a soccer game against Le Moyne. It was a big game for the Northeast Conference tournament, and my friends and I went to cheer on our fellow classmates, as we’ve done for all of their past games. The game was extremely close, going into overtime with both teams having a goal. After the first overtime period, both teams were still tied, so the game went into double overtime. Unfortunately, Le Moyne scored a goal in the second overtime period, sending the UML team to defeat. All the fans were upset that we lost the game, but the guys did a great job and still have games ahead of them.

The UML guy’s and girl’s basketball squad held a kind of pep-rally event called, “HoopFest” that night as well. HoopFest was all about the fans, with a lot of free giveaways such as Nike gear, gift cards to local business, and a lot more. They even had raffles for great prizes, and someone walked out with a flat screen T.V.!  The main reason why my friends and I decided to go to the event was the school spirit costume contest. Contestants dressed up in their best school spirit outfit and the first three winners received cash prizes. My friends and I decided to paint our bodies again for this event, and thought we had a pretty good chance of winning the first place 300 dollar prize.

Picture from the Lowell Sun!


Much to our disappointment though, we won second place, which received a 200 dollar cash prize. We weren’t disappointed with the cash prize we got since something is better than nothing, but we were disappointed however with first place going to an RA of someone in our group. Afterwards though, the coach of the basketball team, Coach Herenda, brought my friends and I to his office to propose an idea. He liked how much school spirit and excitement we had, so told us he wanted us to create a club called the “UML Boyz”, where the members would go to every basketball game body painted and be the loudest fans. We took tremendous pride in being offered the proposal, but we haven’t yet decided if we were actually going to create such a club. The whole event overall was fun and it was great how they gave away so much stuff, a lot of which being very expensive!

The next day, Thursday, was the first game for my intramural soccer team. We had our first game a week before, but the team we faced forfeited so this was our first game we got to actually play in. We played in a gym on South Campus that felt like they had the heat on full blast. It was extremely hot, which made playing more difficult, but we braved on and did what we could. This was the first time many of us played for a while, so everyone was very rusty with skills, but I could tell we all still had lots of fun. The team we faced had all seniors on their roster, while we had all freshmen. We ended up losing the game, and our team left disappointed, but ready for our next game on Sunday the 16th.

Right after the soccer game, me and another player on our soccer team had to rush over to the Tsonga’s for our intramural hockey game. Being the assistant coach, I didn’t play, but getting to stand in the player’s area in the Tsonga’s was still great.  Our team looked very strong and skilled, but had to definitely work on endurance. We faced the champs from last year’s intramural hockey team, and ended up losing, but 3 to 1 was not bad at all, considering they were ex-champs. Our next game is this Thursday the 13th.

On Friday, there was a Hockey game with UML vs. BU. My best friend from high school attends BU, so we decided to meet up during the game. Unfortunately my friend became ill and couldn’t attend. BU is 3rd ranked in the nation for Division 1 hockey, so we came into the game anticipating a loss. We actually did not fare too badly against BU, but did end up losing. The next day, Saturday, was another Hockey game with UML vs. University of Vermont. Seeing as the team just played the game before against a 3rd ranking team, our boys looked very tired out on the ice. UML ended up losing the game as well, and the whole week just seemed to be full of losses.

Although the whole week was full of losses, all the events my friends and I attended were entertaining and enjoyable. We were extremely happy with making it in the paper and winning the contest, and we’re sure that the next week will be full of winning!


Till next time


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