Halloween Weekend

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Since I've gotten to UML, I've found that there's hardly ever a boring and dull moment; there's always something to do around campus.

This Halloween was the first time I didn't go trick-o-treating, which is disappointing, but I guess I was getting a little too old for that anyway. My friends and I were dressed up the whole day as South Park characters; not many people dressed up during the day, but almost everyone had a costume by the evening.

Sunday was a very exciting day for me as well. During the day, my friends and I went to the UML vs. Bentley soccer game to cheer on our fellow classmates. Everyone had a great time being as loud and boisterous as they could, and bringing home a 4 to 1 victory was awesome as well. There was a lot of rough housing between some of the players (no fights actually broke out, although it was close), and I'm not being biased, but it was mainly from Bently's side. Later that night my friends and I took a train into Boston and accompanied by some of our Wentworth friends, we all had dinner at Fire and Ice. If you've never been to Fire and Ice, you should definetly go one day, It's an all you can eat bar and grill where you can pick and choose any mixture of food available and the chef's cook it right in front of you. We had a great time, but due to a mix up in our rides, we didn't end up getting back on campus until 1 in the morning!

I had a blast this Halloween weekend and I'm kind of dissapointed that the weekend is already over, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy the week.

Till next time,

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Great job on the South Park costumes. I'm going as Cartman myself this year.

Hosting said:

Good.And comics.

türk malı said:

truthly Halloween Weekend.Photo nice.like a custom party.

College Halloween parties were so much fun after you graduate then its time to think about the kids costumes :-)

Hahaha, the South Park costumes picture has just made my day. Fantastic picture and its sorted my next party costume choice.

sohbet said:

Hi, visited your site before, but I can not say I've come across while surfing the internet..

What wonderful South Park costumes! I commend you for all being dressed up during the day - Halloween should be celebrated all day instead of just on an evening! :D

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