A Cold Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, is coming up soon, and Iím very excited! My sister attends college at Bates, in Maine, and sheíll be coming home for Thanksgiving as well. I only live an hour and a half away from UML, but I havenít really gone home that often, so Iím looking forward to coming back home to catch up with everyone back home.  The University closes Wednesday the 26th at 5. For people who live a distance away, I did hear that the University will be closed, but the residence halls will be open. There are several rumors around whether or not you have to pay extra to stay and whether or not the dining halls are open, but the general opinion is that you wonít have to pay extra, and the dining halls will be open.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as ďBlack FridayĒ, and is one of the biggest shopping days all year. I remember working at Hollister last year during Black Friday, and the memories arenít enjoyable. Unfortunately, I got a call from my manager today asking if I could work on Friday, and I knew they would need as much help as they could get, so I agreed to work. Itís good to be making a bit of money for college, but Iím not excited about working on such a busy day.

The weather here is drastically getting colder and colder. I remember moving in and the first couple weeks here; the heat was almost unbearable, but, as of now, I canít even go outside without a jacket.  The wind makes it worse, making my face sting, my lips chapped, and the temperature feel even colder. Even though the cold isnít enjoyable to brave through, the winter is one of my favorite seasons. I like snuggling up in my bed and under my covers to keep warm; whereas in the summer Iíd suffer trying to fall asleep in the sweltering heat.

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