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Time Management

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Haven't updated in a bit, been busy and had some problems logging in, but everything's fixed, so expect more regular and frequent updates!

I've only been in college for a couple weeks now, but I feel like I've been here forever! That isn't necessarily a bad thing though, I mean it in a good way. I feel slightly more acclimated and comfortable with college life than I did a couple weeks ago, and so far I've loved every minute of it.

I was excited to come to college and for all of the experiences I would be facing, but I also had lurking fears in the back of my head about college life. One fear I had was being home sick and missing everything and everyone back home. I think one of the best things about college is that all your friends live within walking distance to you, so hanging out everyday happens all the time. You never do anything alone; friends always accompany you to the gym, to every meal, to do homework with, and just chill with. Since I've made so many great friends here that I can hang out with everyday, I have yet to find myself home sick at all. Of course a quick check-up phone call back home every once in a while never hurt, but I have yet to have the feeling of needing to be back home. With today's advancements in technology and communications, I find keeping up with old friends a breeze and they're all very easily accessible.

One thing that is very different in college that I really never had was absolute freedom of my choices and actions. My friends and I had a paper to write last night, but instead we stayed up till 1 in the morning playing Halo. Needless to say, we had fun, but of course we had to write that paper, so I left my room and went to my friend's to do my paper. A good thing around here, that I never had in my home town, are how late some food restaurants are open. We were able to order chicken parm subs, with delivery service, at 2 in the morning. After which, we began working on our papers and I didn't get back into my room until 4 in the morning. Time management, is under rated. Luckily my first class was canceled today and I ended up only having one class at 1, but I could feel the consequences of my actions in how tired I was all day today.

But, all in all, I really am enjoying all my classes and experiences so far, and have no complaints. Everyone around here is very friendly and it's been a great time for me so far. I'll be sure to update very soon!

Till next time,


Late Night Update!

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Hey again guys! Sorry about the delay, the wireless internet here was giving me trouble for a while, and connecting was extremely difficult. But everythingís all worked out now!

Itís been around 2 and a half weeks since Iíve moved in, and Iím having so much fun at college. It really seems like itíll be the best 4+ years of my life! Everyone is extremely cordial around here, and it seems like all the freshmen just want to make friends.  The first couple days, and even now, if thereís an open door, me and my friends will stick our heads in and introduce ourselves. Sounds semi-creepy, but it really is a good way to make friends.

Classes have been extremely easy; I thought I was going to have difficulty in college since itís a higher level learning compared to high school, but it really isnít that much different. The classes are actually a lot more lenient, and if you keep up with all the work, the load really doesnít seem overwhelming at all.

I go to the Recreation Center everyday with my friends to workout at the gym, and the staff and facilities are very nice. I used to be a hard-core running freak, so the indoor track was a pleasant sight. Whatís especially cool about the track is that itís a suspended track that is above the indoor basketball courts, so youíre running on the second floor and in the middle you can see the basketball courts. The gym is nice, the equipment is clean, and thereís a good selection of things that you can use. I have yet to use any of the bikes or treadmills, but they all have mini TVís attached to each unit. They provide you with towels, and at each lifting station there are spray bottles and paper towels, making the facility a very clean place.

Businessí around here are very college-student friendly, a place right down the street from my residence hall called the Hawkís Den, always provides discounts and even gives away free things once in a while. The local baseball team, The Lowell Spinnerís, had their playoff game in the baseball arena right next to my residence hall, and the stadium let all college students in for free.  Downtown Lowell isnít very far away either, only an eight minute walk.  I was able to get my hair cut and find nice places to eat in downtown Lowell.

Transportation really isnít a problem around here. All but one of my classes are located on North Campus, which is a 3 minute walk from my campus, East Campus. I do have one class on South Campus, which is a distance away from East Campus, but there are busses that run frequently. I never have to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus heading towards South Campus.

A nice thing also is Iíve gotten at least a dozen people who already know me through this blog! Theyíll all be eyeing me for a bit and then will come up and say something like, ďOh, you blog for UML right?Ē Itís nice that people already know who I am before I even introduce myself. Shout out to everyone who reads, and donít be shy, introduce yourself to me!

Itís getting kind of late, so I best be off to get ready for tomorrowís classes! But I certainly will be updating more frequently!

First Week Done!

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So the first week of college has just ended and everything has been crazy. I haven't posted up because I couldn't find time until now.

I moved in on Saturday and there was only freshman on campus until monday. There have been a lot of free activities, especially before the upper classman moved in, sponsored by a group named CAPA (i think lol). Free BBQ's, food, giveaways, and a lot of other stuff.

The main group of people that I hang out with now are the kids that I met at orientation. Orientation was a really good way to make new friends because the first day of move-in we all met up and have pretty much been hanging out with each other ever since.

My dorm is a quad and a lot bigger than my other friends' rooms. So far only two of my roommates have showed up so we still have one empty bed which does free up some space since were missing one roommate and all his stuff. Both of my roommates are pretty nice and I don't have any problems with them so far. My room came with 4 closets, 2 bunk beds (ive seen other quads unnbunk the beds, but we kept ours bunked to save space), 4 dressers, and 4 desks.

The worst thing about college so far is probably the heat. Air conditioners aren't allowed and aren't in any of my classes. The heat was almost unbearable and I found myself sweating 24/7. At night it's cool outside but for some reaon, the cold air refuses to enter my dorm. My mom stopped by the other day to drop off a couple more fans and some window fans and the room is a bit cooler now.

Books ARE EXPENSIVE. I was told to wait by almost everyone to see which boks I actually needed even though the campus bookstore website will list the books you need depending on the courses you take. But it's actually a better idea to buy them before move in day and have them delivered to your house. That way you can still return within 3 weeks if u don't use them and pay for them with your parent's money. I didn't buy them beforehand but, fortunately for me, my parents took the hour drive up to drop off some fans and buy me books.

I just put my first load of laundry into the machines today. You don't pay with quarters or anything, it's done with a laundry card that you can reload with money. It's 2 dollars per load of laundry, 1 dollar for the washer and one dollar for the dryer.

Classes have been ok. A lot better than high school since I don't have 5 classes a day, I usually only have around 2 and can still make it for lunch. None of my classes start before 1030 which I think is an awesome schedule. The only complaint I have is the heat, but that's beginning to get better. I'd say out of 5 courses, only 1 of them takes attendance, but it's stupid to not show up to class since college is so expensive.

The food here actually isn't that bad. In the mornings they have a lot of common breakfast options, even soemone who will make you sandwiches and omlets of your choosing. Lunch and dinner you also have set choices that they have everyday and 1 special meal that changes daily. I have 14 meals a week, which means I can come into the dining halls 14 times, and it's all you can eat.

I'll be sure to write more frequently once I'm a little more settled into college life!

Till then,


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