Moved In!

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Iím finally moved in!

The move in process wasnít as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be crazy and hectic, but since I arrived half an hour before they told us to move in, it wasnít that busy. I was able to move in all my stuff by 9 and by the time the rush of students came, I was all done! I did forget some things such as snacks, surge protectors, water filter; but I was able to find everything I needed at a local shopping plaza around a mile from UML.

While I was out picking up some things I forgot, two of my roommates had already moved in, so when I came back to the dorm, they were already there. The last roommate never showed, even till today, but I think heís a transfer and they donít come until Monday with all the returning students.

We had a couple activites planned such as a hypnotist and casino night, which was a good way to meet new people and just have fun. My roommate and was on stage making a fool of himself, which I took the liberty of filming (he doesnít know this yet).

My room itself was fairly large.  Itís much bigger compared to a double and Iím actually glad to be in a quad because I donít like small rooms. If anyone is having wifi issues, which I know everyone on my floor was having, you can login to the secure network, but you need to follow instructions found on the tech support section of the UML website.

Gotta go, still got some unpacking to do! But Iíll sure to write back soon!


I was walking around with my friends in Leitch (the one thing I hate, is all my friends are in Leitch.) just meeting new people and I ran into one kid who asked me if I blogged for UML. I was pretty happy that he recognized me :)

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