Last Day!

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Today is the day before I move, my last day in Sharon, and my last night at Hollister. I do have sad feelings inside, but I am way more excited than I am upset. I have been waiting for move in day since my orientation (couple months ago), and just want it to come already!

I just started packing all my stuff up that I need and bought yesterday, and in the future, I think Iím gonna start earlier next time. I wake up late, yesterday and today I have dentist appointments, and then I work later on in the night, so my packing time is very limited. I thought these two days I could finish it all with no problems, but I learned that I was wrong the hard way. Iím rushing here and there, picking up things I mightíve forgotten at the store, trying to fit everything in the most compact way possible, and making sure I just have everything. I got a very handy checklist, found here, that Jimmy Martin, a fellow blogger for UML, posted up earlier in a previous blog.

One stupid thing I went crazy about was pillows. Just the other day I went over my friendís house the day of his move-in day to say my final goodbyeís and I noticed he had multiple pillows. Everyone that was there also said they had multiple pillows as well. I told them I only had one pillow and didnít see the point in numerous pillows, when I only needed one. From that point on, Iíve asked all my friends, all my college-bound co-workers, everyone I knew that was already in college, how many pillows they have/had. Final verdict: at least three. I really didnít see the point in this, except for other people sleeping over, but I got more pillows and pillow cases anyways.

People on my floor (Bourgeios Hall  4th Floor) are allowed to move in tomorrow from 9:00AM-11:00AM, and Iím hoping to get there 9 sharp.

Well, I am in a rush to pack, so good bye for now. Iíll try my best to blog tomorrow afternoon/night about the move in process and how it goes.

Till next time!


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I really didnít see the point in this, except for other people sleeping over, but I got more pillows and pillow cases anyways.

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