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Hey again!

It's hard to say good bye to the friends that you've known probably since elementary school, but with only 3 weeks left till the start of college (less for some of my friends who's move-in day is before the 30th), the good bye's must come. There's a lot of crying and emotion flying around nowadays as people recall their favorite memories and give their final good bye hugs and of course promises of visits are exchanged.

Although I've only known the people at my work for about a year (my 1 year anniversary with the company was on August 3rd!) I know I'll miss them a lot too! There are about a handful of people that stayed at Hollister as long as I have, many leave after a couple months to find a job outside or one with more pay, but those who have stayed are my best friends in the store. As a kind of goodbye gesture, we all took a trip together into Boston and had a kind of shopping extravaganza. We had lunch at Fire & Ice, which was the first time I've ever eaten there, and then went to various points around Boston such as Faneuil Hall, Cambridge Side Galleria, Quincy Market, etc. Our main target was to visit the Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store in Faneuil, but the place was a lot less exciting as it was made out to be.

Even though everyone is sad, inside we're all excited to start college. Being an incoming freshman myself, I'm extremely excited and at the same time nervous about college. Leaving all my best friends is hard, but also knowing that I'll probably make more friends in college is exciting. Coming from Massachusetts, many of my friends are going to go to school in Boston and it's surrounding areas. Lowell isn't that far away from many of the school's my friends are going to, so I can always visit them from time to time.

Oh, and for all of you who don't know, there's a Facebook group for Umass Lowell's class of 2012. It's very helpful for finding out info, and if you have any questions about anything, there's probably someone there that will know the answer. You can find it here.

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