Back From The Cape!

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Finally back!

Saturday morning August 9th, I left for the cape and just came back today, Friday August 15th.  I was gonna put up a post on Thursday, but I found myself occupied and had no time to. I got back home around noon time and was planning to write then but then I got called into work and JUST got back home!

Cape Cod was awesome and I had so much fun! I got extremely burnt all over though, but that was the only bad part of the trip. Saturday my family checked the weather and was expecting poor weather, but surprisingly, Monday was the only day I didn't go to the beach. The first two days I fell asleep on the beach so my whole front side was completely red and burnt and I looked really dumb when I went to the indoor pool and was half red/tan (front) and half white (back). So the next time I went to the beach I decided I wanted to even out the tan, so I just lied on my stomach the whole time. Bad idea, lol, my wholeeee back is much more burnt than my front and completely red and for the next couple days, and even now, is extremely painful. Besides going to the beach, I didn't really do much. I hung out with the kids that I met at the place I was staying, went mini golfing with the siblings, and shopped; that's about it lol.
My brother and I mini golfing at the cape!

I still haven't done things for college that I need to do, but I think I still have a bit more time. I still need to go school shopping, finish up some student loan applications, and get books. A lot of people have recommended that we wait to get books because that's when you'll know what books you need and don't end up wasting money on books that you don't need, but others have said that the earlier you get the books the better chance you have of getting them cheaper used. I think I'm gonna wait till I get to the classes and find out what books I actually need.

I already posted this link before, but this is where you can enter your class info and find out what books you need, here.

Hopefully I'll post something else up real soon!


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