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Moved In!

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Iím finally moved in!

The move in process wasnít as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be crazy and hectic, but since I arrived half an hour before they told us to move in, it wasnít that busy. I was able to move in all my stuff by 9 and by the time the rush of students came, I was all done! I did forget some things such as snacks, surge protectors, water filter; but I was able to find everything I needed at a local shopping plaza around a mile from UML.

While I was out picking up some things I forgot, two of my roommates had already moved in, so when I came back to the dorm, they were already there. The last roommate never showed, even till today, but I think heís a transfer and they donít come until Monday with all the returning students.

We had a couple activites planned such as a hypnotist and casino night, which was a good way to meet new people and just have fun. My roommate and was on stage making a fool of himself, which I took the liberty of filming (he doesnít know this yet).

My room itself was fairly large.  Itís much bigger compared to a double and Iím actually glad to be in a quad because I donít like small rooms. If anyone is having wifi issues, which I know everyone on my floor was having, you can login to the secure network, but you need to follow instructions found on the tech support section of the UML website.

Gotta go, still got some unpacking to do! But Iíll sure to write back soon!


I was walking around with my friends in Leitch (the one thing I hate, is all my friends are in Leitch.) just meeting new people and I ran into one kid who asked me if I blogged for UML. I was pretty happy that he recognized me :)

Last Day!

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Today is the day before I move, my last day in Sharon, and my last night at Hollister. I do have sad feelings inside, but I am way more excited than I am upset. I have been waiting for move in day since my orientation (couple months ago), and just want it to come already!

I just started packing all my stuff up that I need and bought yesterday, and in the future, I think Iím gonna start earlier next time. I wake up late, yesterday and today I have dentist appointments, and then I work later on in the night, so my packing time is very limited. I thought these two days I could finish it all with no problems, but I learned that I was wrong the hard way. Iím rushing here and there, picking up things I mightíve forgotten at the store, trying to fit everything in the most compact way possible, and making sure I just have everything. I got a very handy checklist, found here, that Jimmy Martin, a fellow blogger for UML, posted up earlier in a previous blog.

One stupid thing I went crazy about was pillows. Just the other day I went over my friendís house the day of his move-in day to say my final goodbyeís and I noticed he had multiple pillows. Everyone that was there also said they had multiple pillows as well. I told them I only had one pillow and didnít see the point in numerous pillows, when I only needed one. From that point on, Iíve asked all my friends, all my college-bound co-workers, everyone I knew that was already in college, how many pillows they have/had. Final verdict: at least three. I really didnít see the point in this, except for other people sleeping over, but I got more pillows and pillow cases anyways.

People on my floor (Bourgeios Hall  4th Floor) are allowed to move in tomorrow from 9:00AM-11:00AM, and Iím hoping to get there 9 sharp.

Well, I am in a rush to pack, so good bye for now. Iíll try my best to blog tomorrow afternoon/night about the move in process and how it goes.

Till next time!



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Mac vs PC

When going off to college, many students will want to bring a laptop or desktop computer with them. But with so many laptops to choose from, one might find themselves confused with what laptop is right for them, afterall, no one wants to spend a lot of money for a crappy laptop.

The two major powerhouses in computing today is Microsoft and Macintosh.  Both have their pros and cons, but the major you intend to pursue can affect which laptop you should get. A PC based laptop is better for engineers and power users, but Macintosh is better for multimedia based programs. I personally own a Windows computer because I like how I can find almost any program for it, and if one that I need is not available, I can easily make one myself. I did kind of want a MacBook too because of itís fun artsy programs like photobooth and such, but I eventually settled with PC since I wasnít going to be majoring into anything like communications or art.

When shopping for laptops, many factors should be considered to make the right purchase.  The specifications for the laptop are always given, and very important in deciding what laptop you should get, but many people donít know what any of it means. Iíll give a brief explanation on the important things that should be considered when purchasing a laptop:

Processor speed: will be given in ghzís, you donít want anything under 1.6 ghzís otherwise youíll find the computer sluggish. Anything around 1.6 or higher is good, 2.0-2.4 or high is really good, the more the better.

RAM: This also affects the speed of your computer. This will usually be given in GBís but I think theyíre still some laptops that come out with 512MB ram (1024MB = 1GB). You donít really want anything under 1GB so I would steer away from anything with just 512MB, some offer 2-4GB RAM nowadays, but anything 1GB or higher should be good enough. If you consider yourself a poweruser or a gamer, you might want something more around 2 or higher GB. But you can always ask them to install more RAM for you if necessary.

Video card memory: This will affect the video speed of your laptop. You donít really need to care about this unless youíre a gamer. When watching movies, laptop nowadays can handle it, but when playing video intensive games such as Halo, youíll notice it being very sluggish unless your laptop has at least 1GB of RAM dedicated to video.

Screen size:  Bigger is usually better, but you donít really want to be carrying a huge laptop around with you. Bigger screen sizes are better for people who watch a lot of movies on their laptops or play a lot of games, but usually for the casual user, anything like 14.1Ē-15.4Ē is good enough. My friend just got a 17 inch laptop and at first I thought that would be cool with such a huge screen, but when I saw it, I was surprised at how big it really was. Again, you need to remember youíll be carrying this thing around.

Weight: This is the same as before in that you donít want to be carrying a mammoth around with you. There really isnít any benefit in having a heavier laptop anyways, so lighter is always better.


Some people may find themselves wanting to get a desktop computer instead though. Same things apply really above, but nowadays desktops usually come cheaper than laptops. The only downside is portability.

Some other accessories you might want to invest in:

Microsoft Office <- this has things like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. It is very costly and there are other economical methods than buying this suite, but many people like Microsoft Word.

A laptop lock. All laptops will have a premade hole for a lock built into them which you can attatch something called a laptop lock into it and then bolt it down to your desk. This will make sure that you donít have your huge investment stolen from you.

Carrying case Ė This is very handy for carrying your laptop around with you while keeping it safe.

Printer - for printing out anything you want.

Please note, I have heard that UML does provide computers/printers and I believe has a 24 hour computer lab.
Finally back!

Saturday morning August 9th, I left for the cape and just came back today, Friday August 15th.  I was gonna put up a post on Thursday, but I found myself occupied and had no time to. I got back home around noon time and was planning to write then but then I got called into work and JUST got back home!

Cape Cod was awesome and I had so much fun! I got extremely burnt all over though, but that was the only bad part of the trip. Saturday my family checked the weather and was expecting poor weather, but surprisingly, Monday was the only day I didn't go to the beach. The first two days I fell asleep on the beach so my whole front side was completely red and burnt and I looked really dumb when I went to the indoor pool and was half red/tan (front) and half white (back). So the next time I went to the beach I decided I wanted to even out the tan, so I just lied on my stomach the whole time. Bad idea, lol, my wholeeee back is much more burnt than my front and completely red and for the next couple days, and even now, is extremely painful. Besides going to the beach, I didn't really do much. I hung out with the kids that I met at the place I was staying, went mini golfing with the siblings, and shopped; that's about it lol.
My brother and I mini golfing at the cape!

I still haven't done things for college that I need to do, but I think I still have a bit more time. I still need to go school shopping, finish up some student loan applications, and get books. A lot of people have recommended that we wait to get books because that's when you'll know what books you need and don't end up wasting money on books that you don't need, but others have said that the earlier you get the books the better chance you have of getting them cheaper used. I think I'm gonna wait till I get to the classes and find out what books I actually need.

I already posted this link before, but this is where you can enter your class info and find out what books you need, here.

Hopefully I'll post something else up real soon!



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Hey there again!

The UML class of 2012 is the biggest incoming class that the university has seen since University of Lowell merged with Umass. Because of this, many of the incoming students have found themselves waitlisted and without housing for the upcoming year. This may have looked bad at first for people who lived far away and had no idea where they were going to live during the school year, but apparently UML is fixing this problem and it even seems that the people who arenít in regular dorm buildings may have a better living space. From what Iíve heard UML struck a deal with a local nearby hotel called the Double Tree Hotel. Some features of these rooms are private bathrooms, outdoor pools and heated indoor pools within the hotel, plentiful parking, working AC, free wireless internet and free cable; all for the same price as what I would pay for my regular dorm. I donít know how much of that is true, but all this information I got from a discussion topic in the Facebook group for the UML  class of 2012. Of course me sending in my housing contract early gave me a room in one of the freshman buildings, but I think I might rather have gotten the hotel room instead.

But I guess Iíll just have to look past all the extras and be happy that I actually have housing for the upcoming year. It's also nice to see that UML tried their hardest to find students housing and struck a good deal with the hotel.

You can find the discussion on this topic on Facebook here.

Till next time,


Goodbye's : (

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Hey again!

It's hard to say good bye to the friends that you've known probably since elementary school, but with only 3 weeks left till the start of college (less for some of my friends who's move-in day is before the 30th), the good bye's must come. There's a lot of crying and emotion flying around nowadays as people recall their favorite memories and give their final good bye hugs and of course promises of visits are exchanged.

Although I've only known the people at my work for about a year (my 1 year anniversary with the company was on August 3rd!) I know I'll miss them a lot too! There are about a handful of people that stayed at Hollister as long as I have, many leave after a couple months to find a job outside or one with more pay, but those who have stayed are my best friends in the store. As a kind of goodbye gesture, we all took a trip together into Boston and had a kind of shopping extravaganza. We had lunch at Fire & Ice, which was the first time I've ever eaten there, and then went to various points around Boston such as Faneuil Hall, Cambridge Side Galleria, Quincy Market, etc. Our main target was to visit the Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store in Faneuil, but the place was a lot less exciting as it was made out to be.

Even though everyone is sad, inside we're all excited to start college. Being an incoming freshman myself, I'm extremely excited and at the same time nervous about college. Leaving all my best friends is hard, but also knowing that I'll probably make more friends in college is exciting. Coming from Massachusetts, many of my friends are going to go to school in Boston and it's surrounding areas. Lowell isn't that far away from many of the school's my friends are going to, so I can always visit them from time to time.

Oh, and for all of you who don't know, there's a Facebook group for Umass Lowell's class of 2012. It's very helpful for finding out info, and if you have any questions about anything, there's probably someone there that will know the answer. You can find it here.

Other important links:
Find the books you need for your classes!
What you should bring/What's Allowed in the Dorm's

Till next time,


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