Move in Day is Approaching!

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Hey again!

Usually, as the days of my summer begin to wind down, the countdown is short, upsetting, and dreaded. But now, it seems just too long and slow! I am extremely excited for my first year of college and cannot wait! Move in day is August 30th, so I have a month left of preparation.

Back in June, I received an email, as well as a hard copy letter in the mail, with my room and roommates details. I didn't know anyone beforehand so I didn't make a request to be roomed with anyone, nor did I have a preference to what type of dorm I would be put in. When I found out that I was put in a quad (single = no roommates, double = you + 1 roommate, forced triple = you + 2 roommates in a double sized room, quad = you + 3 roommates in a large room) many of my friends thought that it was a bad thing, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a quad.

I'm a very talkative person, so more people in the room means I can talk more. Also, since there are more people, if I don't like one of the roommates at least I have 2 others. I've heard from lots of people that the quads are massive at UML, but I've yet to see one. At orientation I was in a double with one other person, and I had no problem at all with the size of a double, but I don't think I'll mind the extra space of a quad!

A good thing Residence Life did was sent me the emails and phone numbers of my three roommate, so that I could easily communicate with them. Although I didn't end up calling any of them, I did find them on FaceBook and communicating with them there and eventually AIM as well. They all seem very nice so I'm sure I'll have no problems with any of them.

Of course, we eventually talked about the important things, who would bring what. All of the bigger and shared items (T.V., Fridge, Couches, etc) have already been discussed amongst us, so that was extremely helpful in knowing what to pack. Since those items have already been decided, all I have to worry about now is myself, and what I'd need for myself.
I've already had much input from friends already in college and put a lot of thought into what I need to bring, so I'm not really worried about that. The big thing is at home with my parents, things were provided for me, but at college I'll be independent and need to remember to pack things that I really need because if I forget something, I can't just ask my parents to go out to the store and get it for me. Another thing is, while I'm at home, a great tip given to me is to get this stuff on my parent's dime while I can, and anything I need/forget once I'm in college is pretty much comes out of my own expense.

That's it for now! I'll write back soon when I can't sleep waiting for college!

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Laura M said:

Haha, You're my boyfriend's roommate. I'm Derek's girlfriend. So I'm sure ill be seeing and getting to know you more this year =]

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