Hey guys, I'm new here!

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Hey guys, my name is Hai Pham and I'm happy to let you kno that I am now a blogger! Hopefully my blogging will give you all insight of the different aspects on the student life here at Umass Lowell.

Since I'm new to the UML Blogging crew, let me tell you about myself:

I currently reside in Sharon, MA and graduated from Sharon High School.

Sharon is only about an hour away from UML, which is much closer than where a lot of my friends will be going. This is good because I'm not at home, but not too far away either. If needed, I can always go home for a nice home cooked meal, or just a place to do my laundry, a problem that I've heard many students have to deal with. I like all types of music and would like to think of myself as a very outgoing person. I love meeting new people and just having a fun time.

I have an incredible sense of humor, and if you ever talk to me in real life, 95% of what I say will be sarcastic jokes. I don't watch TV all that much, but when I do, I only watch funny shows, such as Last Comic Standing, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc. I think my main problem when talking to someone is I try to joke a lot, even in serious situations. But I feel like laughing is the best thing, so I like doing it, and making others as well. A lot of my friends would think of me as a comedian because I will try to make a joke out of anything and everything. At times I won't know when to stop a joke, so I guess I like to kill jokes as well. Sometimes my jokes can be offensive, but I think the best kind of jokes are the shocking ones.

I enjoy running long distances, working out at the gym, and keeping healthy and fit. In high school I ran varsity cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track for three years, but I finally quit my senior year so I could focus more on boxing and kickboxing. I also enjoy playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, or anything to have a great time with friends.

I work at Hollister and have been for the past year.

It takes up most of my time nowadays during the summer, but I love working there because of all the cool people I get to meet. Everyone there is pretty much as outgoing as I am so we all seem to have a great time with each other. I was planning to work there during the school year as well, but the closest Hollister to UML is a 15 minute drive away. Since I won't be bringing my car with me to college, the walk would be pretty far, so I decided that I probably wouldn't work there during the school year. But who knows, I might be able to work something out and be able to work there.

Im an incoming freshman and will be living on campus in bourgeois hall. I wil be rooming in a quad with three other guys that I have never met before, but I'm pretty excited about the experience. I'm an undeclared business major and hope to pursue a career in business management. I'm also thinking about a career in computer engineering so I might do some sort of minor, or switch my major next year. I myself never visited colleges or had any college life experience but during freshman orientation, I realized how much I missed out. Im really excited about college life and cannot wait for move in day on August 30th. The good thing about orientation is I was grouped with many people who have the same exact schedule as me, and we still keep in touch, so going into college I'm less nervous about the environment since I already made friends. Also, if I don't like my living situation, which I'm sure won't be a prroblem, I can always crash at another friend's dorm.

Well that's all, thanks for reading and hopefully you'll be back for more!


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Ed said:

Hai, welcome aboard.

Hi. welcome and have a very great stay with the community. :D Good luck!

Welcome here and enjoy your stay. :D

Hi enjoy your stay and welcome. :)

360 feedback said:

You are welcome here, You have done well in your first blog best of luck dear, I hope your future post are also amazing.

Anonymous said:

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