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Living On or Off Campus...


If you have read my previous blogs, you may know that I live in an off campus apartment with a couple of friends. However, it seems that when this lease ends that each of my roommates will be going their own ways. So at the moment I am unsure of what I will be doing for housing next semester.

You also may know that I used to be a residential advisor in the fall of 2007. Today, I had an interview with Reslife for next semester. I enjoyed being an RA because it made me feel like I was giving back to the school. I think the interview went very well; I have a group interview in a couple of weeks. I will know for sure whether or not I got the position by the end of March. Optimistically, they will offer me a room in a residence hall on North or East campus and end my housing predicament.

If they donít offer me a job though, it will give me plenty of time to search for an off campus apartment and find new roommates if necessary.  I have been reading on craigslist and I found some pretty nice places for about the same amount of money I am paying now. It seems that the farther you go from campus, the less you pay, and the nicer the apartments get.  The renovated mills in Lowell are beautiful; living there would be a great backup plan.

 Iíll be sure to keep you updated on how the application process goes.

My first exam is coming up this Wednesday, Iím sure a lot of you have your first round of tests starting up soon. If you are like me, then you probably havenít starting studying yet. I donít know about the rest of you but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed personally. So here are a few ways that I feel will help me do better this semester. Hopefully it helps you as well.

1.       Get organized: I have been saying it since the first day of classes, but I am still yet to make it happen. Being organized is by far the best way to stay on top of things. You know what you have to do, when you have to do it by, and when you should get started on it. Staying organized helps you stay focused on multiple assignments.

2.       Get on top of things: I know that I need to get on top of the ball this semester. And I know the longer it takes me to get there, the more my grades will be impacted. If Iím falling behind by the first round of tests, Iím not going to do as well as I should. I have been procrastinating and putting things off to the last minute. Doing this is a good way to get yourself buried.

3.       Study a week before a test: Usually professors announce tests at least a week before they are given. I believe if you get a good study session in a week before a test, you will score much higher. Studying far in advance tells you where your strong and weak points are on the material. This way you have a good amount of time to fix the problems and study more effectively. Everyone learns that cramming at the last minute is both ineffective and frustrating.

So hopefully this helps you get on top of things. I know writing about it is going to help me out a lot. This is about where the semester starts to ramp up, so I hope everyone is able to do well on the first round of tests. Good luck.

Exercising and Eating HealthyÖ


Lately I have been trying to get in better shape, and it has been difficult at times. Eating healthy on campus is very hard, because it is far too easy to get something fatty and delicious. So I have been avoiding eating on campus by keeping my refrigerator stocked with healthy food. I have been considering buying a book called ďEat This, Not That,Ē which is a guide to eating more healthy. It gives suggestions for saving calories, like eating Chef Boyardee instead of Easy Mac. Overall eating healthier has not been that difficult.

On the other hand, exercising has been a lot more difficult. My girlfriend and I typically go to the gym three days a week after we are both out of work. Over the winter, we were going after I got out of work at 7. It was difficult then because we did not have a lot of time to work out, since they closed at 8:45 and we usually didnít get there until about 8. Now, I donít work as much so we usually get there about 6. Since school has started though, the gym has been extremely packed. It is so hard to work out because there are so many people in such a small workout space. Since I like to go with my girlfriend, there isnít really a better time for us to go. I almost want to get a gym membership somewhere else, but it is so expensive. We are hoping that as the semester progresses, more students will give up on the gym and it wonít be as crowded. Hopefully the situation gets better somehow, because it has been difficult to get a good exercise in.  Iíll try and keep you posted on how things turn out.


1.      Transformers II trailer: If you have read any of my blogs, you know that I am a huge transformers fan (nerd). Even though they only played a 31 second trailer, it was still the first one out for the new movie. Soon they will release a full length theatrical trailer. I canít wait!

2.      Bud Light office ad: It starts out with a budget meeting, with bottles of Bud Light scattered amongst the table. The people are struggling to come up with ideas of cutting cost, and one person suggests not buying Bud Light for all the business meetings. Next thing you see is the guy getting thrown out of the fourth story window. Itís funny because it didnít fix the budget problem.

3.      Doritos snow globe commercial: Another commercial in an office setting, this one takes place in the break room. Standing in front of a vending machine that only sells nacho cheese and cool ranch Doritos, one of the employeeís decides to throw his snow globe at the machine. After the glass shatters and falls all over the floor, he and some other employeeís steal all of the Doritos. Afterwards another employee shot puts the same snow globe into his bossesí crotch. At least thatís how I think the commercial went.

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