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Happy Holidays


Thanksgiving is so close; I can smell the turkey now! Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. My sisters are home from Florida with theyíre kids. I have three nephews and one niece, so my house gets pretty crazy, but it is definitely good to see everyone. They are all going to come see my apartment on Wednesday, so I guess that means we need to break out the mop and broom. It is so hard to keep this place clean. All three of us are full time students with part time jobs. Having no major tests this week, and two days off school is going to be fantastic. Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

Youtube:  I like to watch music videos on youtube. Even if there is no music video for the song you are looking up, chances are someone made a music video. Itís a great way to kill some time, but be careful; a few minutes can turn into a few hours pretty quickly. Next time you get a chance, check out the UML baseball riots.

Addictinggames- My favorite game site, addicting games updates every Friday. So weather you are into action games, sports games, puzzle games, shooting games, arcade games, or many more, addicting games has your fix. My favorite is N*Game, itís pretty simple but it gets really hard. Another good one to check out is flash portal.

Facebook- Who doesnít have time to look at 8,000 pictures of their friends? Facebook is great for finding upcoming events, such as parties, or concerts. Facebook also has some pretty interesting applications. My favorite application: bumper stickers.

Wikipedia- If itís not on Wikipedia, it doesnít exist. Wikipedia has it all, history, physics, engineering, science fiction. If you are at work, the three websites before this one are probably blocked out. Wikipedia also holds some educational value, unlike the other three websites.

IMDB(Internet Movie Database) Ė Ever seen that movie with that guy who was in that other movie you just saw? Donít guess anymore! Look it up! My favorite thing about Wikipedia is looking up the history of actors or actresses. What was Seth Rogenís first movie? (Donnie Darko) Who does the voices of Peter, Stewie and Brian on family guy? (Seth MacFarlane, Seth MacFarlane and Seth MacFarlane)


Mid-Semester Slump...

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I am pretty sure that I am not the only one in this kind of a situation. I find my work load being harder and harder to fill as the semester goes by. Half way in between the motivation of getting good grades in April, and the utter fear of finals in December, this is the time I call the mid semester slump.

In the beginning, you are excited to see all of the friendly faces in school. You go to all of your classes, take good notes, do all of your homework, you even study for quizzes. With all of that done you even work a part time job and occasionally go to the gym.

Flash forward two months, you are stressed out and tired of school. Every assignment or errand you have to do is a burden. You dread going to work after class and donít even remember what the gym looks like. You usually donít start doing homework until an hour before class.

So what happened? My guess is that the continuous pile of work being dumped on us students has taken its toll. That mess of papers and books that used to be our desk is enough to make us feel buried alive. My suggestion to fixing the problem is to look toward the future.  Make your schedule for next year. Chances are the classes you are signing up for have a pre-requisite for the classes you are in now. That should help to boost your motivation to study for the classes you are in now.

So hopefully reading this helps you out a little. The only other suggestion I might have is to unplug the Xbox. But I donít know how my roommate would react to it. Good luck getting back on track!

When you donít have any cash, itís good to have a meal plan or points. Here are the places to eat on campus: Fox Hall and Mahoneyís on east campus, South campus dining hall and Brodway & Wilder on south, and Southwick on north campus.

Favorite: South Campus Dining hall - South works off meals, but you can also use points or cash. They have pretty much the same selection as Fox: Pizza, burgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers, salads and sandwiches, but south also has a good station that makes noodles. Another difference from fox is that their food tastes good, and it feels much more like a dining hall than a mess hall. My only regret is that I don't have any classes on south and never get a chance to eat there.

Runner Up: Southwick - Southwick only works off of points or cash, even though there are two dorm halls on north campus. However they offer a discount card to students living on north campus. Southwick offers a great selection of food; sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken fingers, and a couple of personal favorites; steak and cheese, chicken and cheese, and their pasta stand. Southwick also has a great drink stand that offers strawberry lemonade and milkshakes. The only negative is that it is kind of a tight space and gets very crowded during busy hours.

Least Favorite: Fox Hall - The purpose of fox hall is to feed all of east campus, which is a good thing. But its downfall is that all of the food tastes like it has been mass produced. Since so many students eat there the place is always dirty during its busy hours and like I mentioned before, it feels a lot like a mess hall.

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