The changing of the season…


I am sure you are starting to feel it; the cold air in the morning, the leaves starting to turn yellow and orange, adjusting to a new semester of classes and work. What does it all point out? Fall is upon us. I am sure that some of you are upset that summer has come and past as quickly as ever, but I am glad, because fall is my favorite season.


Three things happened this past weekend that reminded me of fall:


  1. I spent this past weekend at my place in Vermont with a few friends. This was my fourth weekend there this summer. Only this time, we needed to use the woodstove to keep warm; feeling cold reminds me of the change of season. On the way home we stopped to get breakfast, leading to the second reminder.
  2. The breakfast restaurant we stopped at had pumpkin spice coffee! One of my favorite things about fall is that everything is pumpkin flavored.
  3. The New England Patriots made an amazing comeback victory Monday night. The pats went from a 24-13 deficit to a 25-24 lead within the last two minutes of the game. Tom Brady is back!


Check out my blog from last fall Ten Favorite Things about Fall... to see more of my reasons for loving the season. Have a great week everyone!


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