The first day of my crazy schedule…

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My alarm went off this morning at 2:20 AM. I had set my alarm so early because I needed to get ready for work. I had to leave my apartment by 3:30 so that I can get some coffee and meet up with my co-worker at 3:50. From there it takes close to an hour of driving to make it to work by 5:00 in Jaffrey, NH. Why so early?


These next two weeks I will be working 4 12 hour days. Monday-Thursday: 5:00 AM -5:00 PM. Over the summer, another intern and I have been running a high speed expansion process. Since we have had such success with these products, my supervisor has decided to have us train the current operators. This includes 5 people on 1st shift, 3 people on 2nd shift and 4 people on 3rd shift. So for this reason, we will be coming in at 5 and leaving at to overlap 2nd and 3rd shift by two hours.


This morning, I went to the 24 hour dunkin’ donuts near my house, only to find that it wasn’t really a 24 hour dunkins’.  So I went all the way to work, planning on getting a coffee there, to find that the local water has been contaminated with .coli. So it’s my first 12 hour shift, and there’s no coffee? That’s just cruel.


The good news is that I will get the next two Fridays off. I can’t wait for my three day weekends! It will help me enjoy my last two weeks of summer!


Cristina Gonzalez said:

hi, I was just wondering if you had any idea who would be the STEM club president at UML? if there is any way to contact them or the advisor of the club?
Thank you

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