On my way to becoming a young professional…


We have just passed the half way point of this summer, and it has been very productive for me. I am working at my third internship in engineering, and attending my second summer class. After this summer is over, I will only need to take 4 more classes and 1 lab to graduate.


Hopefully, I will be able to get a full time job. My first choice would be to get a job offer from my current employer, Teleflex Medical. However I know that the economy isn’t very strong right now, so I will definitely apply myself to a few other places.


Next spring I hope to be working full time and taking one or two night classes. I want to try to get my master’s degree part time. Hopefully a few credits will transfer from my undergrad and I can get my masters in a couple of years.


Looking into job requirements for entry level engineers, I see that most companies want education and experience. They typically ask for a bachelor’s degree and 5 years experience, or a master’s degree and 3 years experience. So if I work my way through my master’s degree, I could get both education and experience at once. This appears to be my best solution to accelerating my career.


It looks like it will be a hard path, but I am excited to brave the challenge. I hope everyone reading this is having a productive summer as well.

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