The uphill battle of keeping my car nice…

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Two weeks ago my car was hit while parked on my street. I dropped my car off at the body shop and picked it up on Monday. Tuesday I got rear ended on the way home from work. Even worse, I didn’t get the guys information. I was pulling over into a parking lot, and as soon as I was in the lot he took off, I didn’t even get his plates. Luckily the damage wasn’t too bad and nothing mechanical was broken. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing wrong with my car. My rear sway bar links are broken, one of my CV boots is torn, and my car also needs a valve cover gasket both axle seals. My car also just rolled over 200,000 miles this week.

So what is the point in fixing my old busted Toyota? I only have one semester left in school, and I would like a new car soon. Ideally, I would like drive this car until I can afford to upgrade. Since I want to live in New England for the next few years, I would like something with 4WD or AWD. It’s kind of difficult to explain the differences between the two of them, but 4WD is typically a little bit better in the snow. But 4WD usually only comes in pickup trucks and large SUVs, and I would rather have a car. The car I want to get is a Subaru WRX.

The Subaru WRX has AWD with traction control, and it comes with a 265 HP turbocharged 4 cylinder boxter engine. I think it would serve as a well rounded car for me; I could drive fast and look nice in it all summer, and then serve as safe transportation in the snowy weather. The only problem that I have with this car is that I can’t afford one. I was hoping to save up a few thousand dollars over the next few months. With that I would hope to negotiate with my parents to split the cost with me as a graduation present, or to use it as a down payment and buy it myself. However, December is a long way away, and if my car breaks before then, or keeps getting hit, I may need to figure something out sooner.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


Good choice of car!

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