My first day on the job…

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So today was my first day at Teleflex Medical, the summer internship I have acquired over these past few weeks. I am glad that I was able to obtain this position, because not only does it pay very well, but it will also look very good on my resume. It was very short notice, and it is a long drive to get there, but it should be an excellent experience.

They say that “every new beginning marks some other beginnings end,’ which couldn’t be more true. This past Saturday was my last day working at Commonwealth Honda in Lawrence. I had been working there since the beginning of last fall. Although the job did not help me in my career, it did serve as a means of paying bills for my apartment. I also made some very good friends while working there. I consider myself lucky to have been able to get the job there in such a tough economy.

So my first day on the job was pretty interesting. I was working with one of my classmates from UML. Together we were testing the process of cold stretching heat shrink tubing for a new product. This is what a lot of the job entails, and I look forward to becoming more familiar with the machine. It is also nice to be working with one of my classmates because now we have the option of commuting together to save gas. I hope that soon I will be given my own project to work on over the summer. I will be sure to write an update once I become more familiar with the job.

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