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As we wrap up the last week of finals, summer is almost here. I’m sure most of you have plans for the summer already, plans including work, trips, living situations, etc. I am sort of up in the air about what will be going on this summer.  As far as academics are concerned, I plan to take a couple of summer courses and work on my research project. This much I know, but as far as working goes, I am still unsure.

Right now I work at an auto shop in Lawrence. It is about a half an hour away and I am very familiar with everyone who works there. The pay is decent and there is the incentive of making more money for doing more work. The advantages to working here over the summer are as follows:

·         I know the people I work with.

·         The shop is not too far away.

·         I don’t have to worry about dressing formal; I can change when I get there.

·         I can ride my motorcycle to work, this goes with the bullet above.

·         I won’t need to go through orientation.

On Wednesday, I have an interview for an internship over the summer. The internship is at a Medical devices company in Jaffrey NH. This is approximately an hour and a half drive. The pay would probably be better than the auto shop and this job would look good on my resume.  However, there are a few disadvantages about this job, they are listed below.

·         It would be 3 hours of driving per day.

·         I would have to be oriented.

·         I don’t know anyone who works there.

·         If I take the job and don’t like it I would have already given up my other job.

This puts me in a tough situation days before summer starts. I think a lot depends on how the interview goes and how well I like the company. I’ll make sure to keep you posted on how things end up.

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