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Finals are over, and summer has officially started. I did not make dean’s list two semesters in a row, but I still received decent grades. The best news is that I just got hired for a summer internship. I will be working at Teleflex Medical in Jaffrey, NH. They have offered me an interesting job and a very good wage. I am going to fill out paperwork tomorrow; I expect to start early next week.

Teleflex makes plastic medical assemblies, catheters and heat shrink tubing. They use extrusion and injection molding, a couple of process that UML plastics has made me very familiar with. This will be my third internship in engineering so far, and my second internship at a medical company.

The only downside to this job is that it is quite a distance away. It takes about 1 ˝ hours to get there. That means 8 hours of working and 3 hours of driving every single day. On top of that I will be taking a night class two days a week. Because of this I will be busy most of my week, and probably most of my summer. The good news is that I will have my weekends off, so I can go to my cottage in Vermont or go camping. Also, Teleflex is hiring one of my classmates as well, so together we can commute to work. I am very excited about starting at my new job, and I will make sure to write about it once I know more…

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