Jet lagged in phoenix, AZ…


This week I am on vacation with my girlfriend and her parents. We left Boston Saturday morning and flew into Dallas/Fort Worth. We switched planes in Dallas and flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. We got here early in the afternoon, but keep in mind; Phoenix is three hours behind Boston. Exhausted from travelling, we all fell asleep shortly after settling into our room. The jet lag really took effect when I woke up at 4AM Sunday morning. This is because I am used to waking up at 7:00 in the morning every day.

Even though it is in the middle of the desert, Phoenix is beautiful. There are a lot of palm trees and grass that people have planted. But anywhere outside of town is nothing but sand and rocks. Every way you look you can see mountains. Unlike mountains in New England, these mountains are bare and much steeper. Besides the mountains the land is mostly flat.

So far everyday has been in the high 80’s without a cloud in the sky. We went to Tombstone, AZ on Monday. Tombstone is an old mining/ cowboy town that turned into a tourist trap. We saw some fake gunfights and took a tour of the town. It was kind of corny but also fun. We plan on going to the Grand Canyon on Thursday. This is the part of the vacation that I am the most excited about. I’ll write about it next weekend when I get back.

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