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This Wednesday is the spring career fair. Every semester UML has a career fair on east campus in the CRC (campus recreation center). Recruiters from all over the country come to the career fair looking for interns, co-ops and full time workers from all majors of study. In my opinion, the career fair is a great way to see what kind of jobs are available in your field of study, and meet some great people. This will be my third career fair at Umass Lowell.

What I am looking for is a summer internship, with the possibility of a full time career next winter. Even though I have already been to two career fairs before, and I have previously had two internships. I must admit I am very nervous about this upcoming Wednesday. One reason is because I am getting close to graduation, as I should be finishing my undergraduate in December. But I am also concerned about how many employers are going.

For engineers, there are typically 3 types of recruiters:

1.       All Majors Recruiters: Here is where you find all of the armed forces recruiters (US Army, The Airforce, The Marines and The Navy).  You can also find the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), The Secret Service and UPS in this category.

2.       All Engineering Recruiters: Usually this category consists of big engineering firms that are looking for people with well rounded educations. They typically consist of government contractors like Textron, Raytheon, and Teradyne.

3.       Specific Engineering Recruiters: These are the type of recruiters looking for a certain type of engineer, like plastics, mechanical or electrical. This is typically the category I put most of my focus into.

The problem is, that there are only about 5 companies in the third category coming for plastics engineering. Another issue is that there are still a few of my classmates that don’t have full time jobs lined up, and they are graduating in about a month. What this means is that there will be a lot of competition for only a few potential jobs. Nonetheless, I will still go to this career fair putting my best foot forward, and hopefully I can find a job.


mitul kela said:

I am an international student.I need a help from you.
If i wants to join this career fair then what should i do?
Please if you are able to guide me then please try.


Guthrie Gordon said:


If you are interested in attending the UML career fair, check the career services page on the UML website for details on the next fair. The link is:

You should check the date of the fair, companies attending, the positions available at these companies, and also study the company website. It is good to know a little about the company before talking to them.

When at the fair, make sure to dress professionally, and bring a bunch of resumes. It might be a good idea to bring a bag of some sort, since companies like to give out handouts.

Being an international student, you should ensure you have the proper authorization to work. And don't bother talking to defense companies like Raytheon or Textron, they only hire U.S. Citizens. Same goes for The ARMY, Marines, Air Force, etc., but those ones are more obvious.

Thanks for reading, Good luck!

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