Snow days and Spring break…

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Everyone loves a snow day. I have made myself a deal, that the next time there was a snow day I would go out snowboarding.  Unfortunately I would have to break that deal since I have so much school work to do this week. Nevertheless, a snow day would definitely help me catch up. It would give me all the class time to do homework, and I wouldn’t have lab, so there wouldn’t be a report do next week.

I won’t feel too bad about not going snowboarding, because spring break is right around the corner. So far, I don’t have any plans for spring break. My girlfriend and I are looking up things to do. Last year we went to Montreal with a couple of her friends. Montreal was a lot of fun, but not very warm. I have been considering taking some time to get away, but money is kind of tight at the moment. So if I were to go away for spring break, it would need to be within driving distance. One idea is to drive to Montreal for one night, then drive to Toronto the next day.  We could stop by Burlington, VT on the way to Montreal, and see Buffalo and Rochester NY on the way back. It would be nice if we could pull it off.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that snow day!


Sam Willyard said:

I'm definitely in on that snow day! Homework is callin' my name!

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