Buried alive by midterms…


It’s the last week before spring break, and I’m sure a lot of you have exams coming up.  I have three, and I just had two last week. That’s one exam for each of my five classes. It looks like I need to really crack down and study these next few days. I really want to do well on these tests. I have been putting out B work all semester, but that’s not good enough anymore, I need to get A’s.

I had another interview with Residence Life yesterday, and I think it went very well. However the applicant pool is very large this year. There are approximately 300 people applying for only about 120 positions. I have my fingers crossed that they will hire me, and I will find out the week after spring break.

As far as spring break, I do not have any plans. I will probably relax, enjoy a few days off, and maybe get some extra hours in at work. I hope the weather will be cool enough for me to get out snowboarding. I am a little bummed about not going anywhere, but there is always next year. Good luck with your last week before spring break!

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