My favorite Superbowl XLIII commercials…

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1.      Transformers II trailer: If you have read any of my blogs, you know that I am a huge transformers fan (nerd). Even though they only played a 31 second trailer, it was still the first one out for the new movie. Soon they will release a full length theatrical trailer. I can’t wait!

2.      Bud Light office ad: It starts out with a budget meeting, with bottles of Bud Light scattered amongst the table. The people are struggling to come up with ideas of cutting cost, and one person suggests not buying Bud Light for all the business meetings. Next thing you see is the guy getting thrown out of the fourth story window. It’s funny because it didn’t fix the budget problem.

3.      Doritos snow globe commercial: Another commercial in an office setting, this one takes place in the break room. Standing in front of a vending machine that only sells nacho cheese and cool ranch Doritos, one of the employee’s decides to throw his snow globe at the machine. After the glass shatters and falls all over the floor, he and some other employee’s steal all of the Doritos. Afterwards another employee shot puts the same snow globe into his bosses’ crotch. At least that’s how I think the commercial went.


Dude, I love Transformers. The trailer looks awesome even if it was a 31 second run. But man, I can't wait to see that movie this June.

Dan Maas said:

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