Is it summer yet?


I usually wait until February to start wondering when it is going to get warm again, but I am already starting to look forward to this up coming summer. The main reason I canít wait for summer is the summer movies coming out. Here is the list of movies I am looking forward to:

Transformers 2: I wasnít a huge fan of the cartoon show when I was a kid, but in 2007, Michael Bayís: Transformerís kicked ass! I canít wait for the sequel. Searching on YouTube I found videoís of Transformers 2 being filmed. All of the autobots are GM cars, just like the last one, but there are a few new cars: a Chevy Trax, a Chevy Beats, which are two new cars coming out soon, and the new Corvette concept. I also heard there is going to be a Buell Firebolt transformer. It looks like it is going to be a great movie.

Fast and the Furious 4: Although a lot of people badmouth the franchise I have personally found it very entertaining. The original was great, the second one was ok, and I am watching Tokyo Drift right now. The new one is going to have the original cast; Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and more. If you havenít seen the trailer yet, YouTube it.

X-Men Origins: There is also a new X-Men film coming out about Wolverine. This one looks like it is also going to be great. You get all of the action of Wolverine and none of the corny love scenes with Rouge and pretty boy Iceman. The trailer also reveals that Gambit is going to be in the movie, and he was my favorite from the x-men.

And thatís just the beginning, the list goes on: Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, Star Trek, Watchmen. On cold snowy days like today, it is good to look forward to something warm. Enjoy your winter break while it lasts!

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