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Going back to class was much different for me this semester. Since I took last spring off to go on co-op, I am now making up all of my junior classes.  In plastics engineering we primarily use two classrooms, Ball 206 and 208. So most students tend to stick to the same seats as if they were assigned. My biggest fear was that I would take someone else’s seat, and they would just walk in and punch me right in the face. That would be a terrible way to start the semester.

Needless to say that didn’t happen. I have a lot of friends in my classes. What sucks is that I have four back to back classes on Monday, a two hour break, and then a four hour lab. I much rather prefer having breaks in between classes to study or do homework. 

On the bright side, this is really my last semester of hard classes. After this semester I will only have to do my electives and Chemistry II. Hopefully I can do well enough this year to raise my GPA. I got a 3.7 last semester which raised my cumulative .2! I hope everyone had a good time going back to class and seeing some familiar faces. Good luck with your first week!


Brian Lehane said:

I really like that you're sharing your personal feelings with the rest of the student community. It warms my heart that you're back with us. I missed you. I hope that we can share the remaining months we have together and grow closer to each other.

Secret lovers always,
Brian Lehane

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