Winter break...


Any plans for your winter break yet? I’m heading to Jacksonville FL to spend Christmas with my family. A lot of people think that’s cool, but there is absolutely no chance of having a white Christmas there. Luckily I will be home in time for new years. I am also looking forward to snowboarding and making some money working full time.

I considered taking an elective over winter break, but the hours were way too demanding. My friend told me he was taking a short stories class, Monday through Saturday 9 AM- 12 PM. I think I’ll pass. That would totally destroy my chances of working over the break and limit the amount of time I spent snowboarding.

The way my winter break looks like it will work out so far, is: Working 4 days per week, putting in about 40 hours, and then going to the gym after work. That would leave me with 3 days off, hopefully 2 of them going snowboarding and 1 day to relax and do chores. I also think this winter break would be a good time to start studying for my GRE’s and get some work done on my capstone project. Only one more week until a month of educational freedom! Good luck with finals everyone!

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