I’m dreaming of a hot, sunny Christmas…


                 I have something to say… Brett Farve Sucks! Today was the first and last time I will ever be a Jets fan, and like a true jets fan, I am disappointed. Needless to say the jets lost, and Cassel and the patriots missed the post season by a hair at 11-5.  That is one of the bad things that has happened this vacation.

                My vacation was cursed from the start.  My parents and I were supposed to fly out Christmas Eve, but our flight got cancelled. Our best option was to reschedule a flight the next day. So we go back to the airport Christmas morning, and we were lucky enough to get pre-selected for additional security.  My parents got to watch security open up the Christmas present I got them. It turns out that buying plane tickets the day before a flight is a big red flag for the FAA. We made it to Jacksonville however, so I got to see both of my sisters, and all four of my nieces and nephews on Christmas. But I did manage to lose my iPod while I was here. After tearing my sister’s entire house apart, my brother in law found it embedded in the couch.  I mean, this thing was half way to Narnia; he had to pay the couch troll to give it back. So now I owe him three pieces of gold.

                All of my complaints aside, I did have a good time with my family, and it is good to see how much the young ones have grown. I am heading back home tomorrow to spend New Year’s with my extended family, you know, the ones that I’m not related to. I hope everyone had a great year, I know that I have.

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