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                 I have something to sayÖ Brett Farve Sucks! Today was the first and last time I will ever be a Jets fan, and like a true jets fan, I am disappointed. Needless to say the jets lost, and Cassel and the patriots missed the post season by a hair at 11-5.  That is one of the bad things that has happened this vacation.

                My vacation was cursed from the start.  My parents and I were supposed to fly out Christmas Eve, but our flight got cancelled. Our best option was to reschedule a flight the next day. So we go back to the airport Christmas morning, and we were lucky enough to get pre-selected for additional security.  My parents got to watch security open up the Christmas present I got them. It turns out that buying plane tickets the day before a flight is a big red flag for the FAA. We made it to Jacksonville however, so I got to see both of my sisters, and all four of my nieces and nephews on Christmas. But I did manage to lose my iPod while I was here. After tearing my sisterís entire house apart, my brother in law found it embedded in the couch.  I mean, this thing was half way to Narnia; he had to pay the couch troll to give it back. So now I owe him three pieces of gold.

                All of my complaints aside, I did have a good time with my family, and it is good to see how much the young ones have grown. I am heading back home tomorrow to spend New Yearís with my extended family, you know, the ones that Iím not related to. I hope everyone had a great year, I know that I have.



Done with finals, done with Christmas shopping, I am done for the year! I am totally ready to earn some money and hit the slopes! So credit wise, I am now officially a senior, even though I will be taking junior classes. This fall I was a junior taking senior classes. Going on co-op definitely screwed up my schedule. I had my last final this morning in differential equations. That was the end of my last math class, and I must say, it feels good to be done with math. Coming from a vocational high school, I didnít think I would ever make it through the math and science classes in UML engineering. But here I am about to enter my second to last semester in plastics engineering, and the only gen ed class I have left is Chemistry II.  Have a great winter everyone! Iíll keep you posted on my break!

Winter break...


Any plans for your winter break yet? Iím heading to Jacksonville FL to spend Christmas with my family. A lot of people think thatís cool, but there is absolutely no chance of having a white Christmas there. Luckily I will be home in time for new years. I am also looking forward to snowboarding and making some money working full time.

I considered taking an elective over winter break, but the hours were way too demanding. My friend told me he was taking a short stories class, Monday through Saturday 9 AM- 12 PM. I think Iíll pass. That would totally destroy my chances of working over the break and limit the amount of time I spent snowboarding.

The way my winter break looks like it will work out so far, is: Working 4 days per week, putting in about 40 hours, and then going to the gym after work. That would leave me with 3 days off, hopefully 2 of them going snowboarding and 1 day to relax and do chores. I also think this winter break would be a good time to start studying for my GREís and get some work done on my capstone project. Only one more week until a month of educational freedom! Good luck with finals everyone!



The first snow just fell this morning; all the radio stations are playing Christmas songs, and all the houses are lit up at night. But before you start getting excited about the holidays and your winter break, there is still one major obstacle to avoid. Thatís right; Iím talking about final exams. This is the time to really crack down on your studies. I consider it to be the quiet before the storm.

Teachers stop giving homework and quizzes. You stop learning new material and start to review. Although it seems like clear sailing, just remember, you have a three hour final exam coming your way in a little more than a week! Chances are, itís a test that could very well make or break your grade. Its nice not having homework to do this next week, but donít take it to easy. Itís a good idea to start studying early so that you donít have to cram last minute. Because starting next Tuesday, its finals week, where all your hard work will pay off.

Enjoy your last week of classes before finals everyone!

High MileageÖ



So let me start of by saying; it sucks when you work on cars all day long, and the biggest piece of crap you work on is your own. With that being said, let me describe my car to you. I drive a 1994 Toyota Celica GT. I bought it when I was a senior in high school. It was a big deal at the time, seeing as how I was only 17 years old. My plan was for my car to last me through college, and then I could rationalize buying a new car.  To get to that point, I will need to put some money and time into fixing up my little red Toyota. Did I mention that I will probably roll over to 200,000 miles before next semester?

Before picking out what kind of car I want, I have to think about what I like and dislike about my current car. Likes: My car is small, fun to drive, good looking, it has a 5 speed transmission, a sunroof, and itís comfortable and gets great gas mileage. Dislikes: The car is terrible when it comes to moving things, it is decent in the snow, and it is getting old. Another think I like about my car is that it is dependable and easy to work on.  With this all in mind, I can narrow down my choices for my next vehicle.

I think that the best way to keep all of the likes of my car, and add better moving capabilities, would be to get a 5 door hatchback. I want to stick with a Japanese car, because I think they are more reliable, specifically Toyota, Honda, and NissanÖI really donít trust Mitsubishi. And as far as American cars, I might as well buy a ticket on the Titanic. I think a good starting price would be less than $20,000. The possible cars that fall into this category are:

         Honda Fit Sport

         Toyota Yaris

         Toyota Matrix

         Scion xA

         Scion xD

         Nissan Versa

I remember how excited I was when I first bough my Celica, I canít wait to graduate and buy my next car.


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