Mid-Semester Slump...

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I am pretty sure that I am not the only one in this kind of a situation. I find my work load being harder and harder to fill as the semester goes by. Half way in between the motivation of getting good grades in April, and the utter fear of finals in December, this is the time I call the mid semester slump.

In the beginning, you are excited to see all of the friendly faces in school. You go to all of your classes, take good notes, do all of your homework, you even study for quizzes. With all of that done you even work a part time job and occasionally go to the gym.

Flash forward two months, you are stressed out and tired of school. Every assignment or errand you have to do is a burden. You dread going to work after class and donít even remember what the gym looks like. You usually donít start doing homework until an hour before class.

So what happened? My guess is that the continuous pile of work being dumped on us students has taken its toll. That mess of papers and books that used to be our desk is enough to make us feel buried alive. My suggestion to fixing the problem is to look toward the future.  Make your schedule for next year. Chances are the classes you are signing up for have a pre-requisite for the classes you are in now. That should help to boost your motivation to study for the classes you are in now.

So hopefully reading this helps you out a little. The only other suggestion I might have is to unplug the Xbox. But I donít know how my roommate would react to it. Good luck getting back on track!


Christian said:

I own a couple businesses, and drive often down to NJ for occasional visits and holidays. I live in the lofts near LeLacheur Ballpark.
A short blog on rideshares or carpools would be nice.

Does anybody need a ride to NJ or NY for the Thanksgiving holiday?

By the way-- great job on your blog.
Interesting perspectives, and I admire your work ethic.

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