Favorite websites to kill time

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Youtube:  I like to watch music videos on youtube. Even if there is no music video for the song you are looking up, chances are someone made a music video. Itís a great way to kill some time, but be careful; a few minutes can turn into a few hours pretty quickly. Next time you get a chance, check out the UML baseball riots.

Addictinggames- My favorite game site, addicting games updates every Friday. So weather you are into action games, sports games, puzzle games, shooting games, arcade games, or many more, addicting games has your fix. My favorite is N*Game, itís pretty simple but it gets really hard. Another good one to check out is flash portal.

Facebook- Who doesnít have time to look at 8,000 pictures of their friends? Facebook is great for finding upcoming events, such as parties, or concerts. Facebook also has some pretty interesting applications. My favorite application: bumper stickers.

Wikipedia- If itís not on Wikipedia, it doesnít exist. Wikipedia has it all, history, physics, engineering, science fiction. If you are at work, the three websites before this one are probably blocked out. Wikipedia also holds some educational value, unlike the other three websites.

IMDB(Internet Movie Database) Ė Ever seen that movie with that guy who was in that other movie you just saw? Donít guess anymore! Look it up! My favorite thing about Wikipedia is looking up the history of actors or actresses. What was Seth Rogenís first movie? (Donnie Darko) Who does the voices of Peter, Stewie and Brian on family guy? (Seth MacFarlane, Seth MacFarlane and Seth MacFarlane)


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