Favorite places to eat on campus.

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When you donít have any cash, itís good to have a meal plan or points. Here are the places to eat on campus: Fox Hall and Mahoneyís on east campus, South campus dining hall and Brodway & Wilder on south, and Southwick on north campus.

Favorite: South Campus Dining hall - South works off meals, but you can also use points or cash. They have pretty much the same selection as Fox: Pizza, burgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers, salads and sandwiches, but south also has a good station that makes noodles. Another difference from fox is that their food tastes good, and it feels much more like a dining hall than a mess hall. My only regret is that I don't have any classes on south and never get a chance to eat there.

Runner Up: Southwick - Southwick only works off of points or cash, even though there are two dorm halls on north campus. However they offer a discount card to students living on north campus. Southwick offers a great selection of food; sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken fingers, and a couple of personal favorites; steak and cheese, chicken and cheese, and their pasta stand. Southwick also has a great drink stand that offers strawberry lemonade and milkshakes. The only negative is that it is kind of a tight space and gets very crowded during busy hours.

Least Favorite: Fox Hall - The purpose of fox hall is to feed all of east campus, which is a good thing. But its downfall is that all of the food tastes like it has been mass produced. Since so many students eat there the place is always dirty during its busy hours and like I mentioned before, it feels a lot like a mess hall.


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