Overwhelmed by school

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Does anyone else feel overwhelmed with work? Between classes, homework, work, lab reports, group projects, chores and occasionally going to the gym, it seems as if there is no time for anything.  Letís break it down hour by hour.

During the week, there is 168 hours. A college student is supposed to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Thatís at least 49 hours a week.  For me that means sleeping 5 hours a night and then most of Sunday. That leaves 119 hours in the week.

A full time semester is usually somewhere between 14 and 19 credits. So if you take 17 credits, you spend at least 17 hours in a classroom. Typically, labs and single credit classes last longer than that, so we will say 20 hours. We have 99 hours left and all we have done is slept, gone to class, and slept through class.

If you are like me, you either work to pay bills, you want spending money, or you want to save money. This means you also need to work. Personally, I work 35 hours between 3 part time jobs. I know that sounds insane, but itís really the only way to save money while paying bills. The week is down to 64 hours.

You are supposed to spend 2 hours on homework for every credit you take. So wake up, go to class, go to work, do your homework, you have 30 hours left in your week.

Are you hungry yet? Iíd say most of us spend around 1 Ĺ hours eating or preparing food everyday. That means our week is down to 19.5 hours.

Trying to stay in shape? Thatís about 30 minutes per day.  Only 12 hours left this week.

So that means, we have about 1.7 hours of personal time per day? Thatís it? Is that even enough? Of course it isnít! Who studies 17 hours a week? Who sleeps 7 hours a night? I guess the best way to look at it, is that youíre not the only one who has to do it. The way I see it, I would rather struggle now so that I am comfortable later.

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