Since I couldnít think of one entire subject for this blog, I compared a few smaller ideas.

Living in an apartment as opposed to living in a dorm:

Advantages: Living in an apartment gives you a lot more freedom than living in a dorm room. The biggest plus is getting the room to your self. You also only have to share the bathroom with a couple people, instead of an entire floor. There are no quiet hours, and you can have more than two guests over at a time. On top of all that, you never have to worry about signing in. Another great advantage is not depending on a meal plan, since you have a kitchen to cook in.

Disadvantages:  The more space you have the more that you need to clean. Splitting up chores amongst roommates is no fun, and it is impossible to live together without stepping on each otherís toes. Another disadvantage is the lack of convenience that a dorm room has, such as the laundry room. I hate going the Laundromat!

Working full time as opposed to being a full time student:

Advantages: MONEY! The best part about working is that someone pays you for it. For the two internships I worked, it was Monday through Friday, I got all my weekends off. Another great advantage is that when you go home for the day, you are done. You donít need to worry about homework or studying for tests.

Disadvantages: You get way more breaks in school. For an 8 hour day at work, you only get an hour break. At school you get at least a ten minute break in between every class. You also get to socialize with way more people at school and donít need to worry about dressing up.

Riding a motorcycle vs. driving a car:

Advantages:  You can park pretty much anywhere. Gas mileage is so much better than almost any car. Motorcycles are fun and exciting. You will never look at sharp corners or on ramps without thinking ďI wish I was on my bike right now,Ē

Disadvantages: DANGEROUS! People cut you off all the time simply because they can not see you. A small fender bender in a car is a trip to the emergency room on a bike. If it rains, you get wet. If its cold outside, it feels about twenty degrees colder on the bike. You also canít eat, drink, talk on the phone or text while driving a bike.

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