Final Stretch to the Prize

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35 days until graduation.
18 days until my last day of classes.
5 days left of the Exercise Physiology Practicum.
... And the work just piles on.

I can almost taste the sweet victory on May 30th, my graduation day, but it just seems too far to reach for now.  I still have tons of projects/presentations/papers to do before I can finally exhale.  I can definitely tell you that the sudden burst of summer weather is not helping my cause!  My house is pretty warm and it's making me very lazy and sleepy, which is a major stinker.  I seriously have to push myself through the "spring fever" if I want to get things done on time. 

There's only one thing that's keeping me going: BASEBALL!!!!

I bet that you rolled your eyes when you saw that word, ha!  The baseball team I coach has their first scrimmage game tomorrow and I'm siked.  My team is very young, which might be a fun challenge for the coaching staff.  The challenge is actually motivating me outside the baseball field. I guess the whole trying to figure out what kind of team I have, trying to find the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and my new role as "the manager" has helped me in many ways.  It's good to think that these kids are looking up to me to help them become baseball players.  I guess that itself gave me a warm feeling inside that I can't really explain.  :-)

- Coach Christian


Sam Willyard said:

Hey Christian,

I definitely know what you mean about coaching warming your heart. I coach cheerleading for Pop Warner in my city and there's nothing like the first practices and watching them learn all of the new stuff. Well, I hope the scrimmage went well!

Sam :)

The scrimmage went very well actually! My players are definitely fighters! I can't wait to coach regular season games!! I'm very very excited!!!

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