Another Life Taken Away...

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As a baseball fan and a strong supporter against drunk driving (and drinking in general), I feel the need to step away from my series of UML-related blog posts and talk about something that really hit me hard this week. 

On April 9, 2009, a future baseball pitching star and two other people were killed by a drunk driver.  Nick Adenhart, the 22-year old Los Angles Angels starting pitcher, and two other people affiliated with the team were driving through an intersection in the wee hours of the morning.  Suddenly, a minivan, which was driven by a drunk Andrew Thomas Gallo ran the red light and struck Adenhart's convertible.  The impact caused their car to collide with a telephone pole killing them instantly.  The minivan tried to speed away from the scene, but was later caught by police.  Gallo is charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and murder.  Gallo had a history with drunk driving and also had his license suspended. 

Earlier that day, he told his dad this: "You better come [to Wednesday's game]. Something special's going to happen."  On that same day, a few hours before the tragedy, Nick threw 6 shutout innings against the Oakland Athletics.

This is a heartbreaking story.  I felt my eyes watering up when I found out that this young and talented baseball player who had a great future ahead of him was killed by a reckless individual who decided to get drunk and drive.  Another drunk driving death.  Another life lost.  Another day of mourning.  When will this ever end?

I remember a similar event a few years ago.  My friend's sister, who was in high school, and her boyfriend were driving down a bypass road in Everett, MA... I believe they were on a date or something.  A drunk driver, who also had a suspended license, sped down that same bypass road, steered onto the opposite side of the road, striking their car, killing my friend's sister instantly.  The day after, there was a huge candlelight vigil for her at the crash site.  Everyone cried.  Those who were tough as a nail sobbed like there was no tomorrow.  You can feel the sadness in the air as everyone mourned the death of an innocent person.  Even if I didn't know her well, I felt the pain from her family, friends, and those who knew her... It was hard to take in... especially with blood stains on the road... 

It's hard to type about a topic like this.  It's hard because you know that life wasn't suppose to end for the people I knew and for the people I hear about in the news.  Stupid decisions, drinking alcohol as a way to have fun, and other stuff can cut a person's life in half... One person's trageic death doesn't only hurt his or her family... it hurts their friends... their teachers... their bosses... everyone they've touched... and everyone else who gives a care about the world around us. 

So when will drinking and driving end?  When will drinking to get drunk for fun stop? I'm sick of tragedies like this... 

Rest in Peace #34.



- Christian



Obviously taking a license isn't always the case. I've written several pieces about putting DUI convicts into treatment. However the state and police are making money just on the DUI arrest alone that they are bound to release offenders so that they may arrest them again.

Over seas, they do treatment, and they remove the car and impound it. In fact they have a much lower BAC level restriction: ours is 0.08% theirs start at 0.03%. However, they never jail their citizens unless it's a clear sign he/she is a danger. But they do give them treatment immediately.

This is from countries where alcohol is taken at every meal nearly. We need to learn from these people and stop the corrupt DUI laws on the books.

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