"Professor, I got a headache... it's killing me..."

So first of all, I want to tell you that I have a pretty bad headache right now.  Okay, "pretty bad" is such a weak set of words to describe the AGONY, TORTURE... and the INCONVENIENCE of having this "a carpenter hammering a nail into concrete in my noggin" headache.  So if you see me on campus (for those who are students at UML), give me a hug.  I rarely get headaches and, yes... I'm being a big oversized "senior" baby right now.  

So what does this headache drama got to do with anything about college?

Today, I was thinking about the days that I did not attend class because I was sick with something or had something that took my focus away.  A few weeks ago, a person I know had an "illness" so that person did not go to class.  The thing about that person's absence was the fact that he/she did not contact the professor ahead of time.  So at the end, that person has -2 points riding on his final grade.  Stinks huh?  Two points removed from a final grade doesn't sound bad, but if you are riding between an "A/A-" then you can kiss that "A" goodbye.

In high school, if a student gets sick, his or her parents/guardian/family member/or a friend who is faking to be an "authoritative figure," would call up the school office to tell the secretaries that his son/daughter won't be able to attend his/her classes today.  This message is relayed throughout the school so all his/her teacher's gets a heads up.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work at UML or other colleges.  If you are sick, have problems heading to classes due to a snowstorm, or other stuff, you must email your professors ahead of time - yes that means you have to send individual ones or a mass generalized message.  Alerting the professor before the scheduled absence would save you from losing points or any other consequences that may occur.  Luckily, classes at UML and other colleges do not have classes everyday, unless you are taking a winter/summer class or have some kind of practicum/clinical experience.  So if you (the student) doesn't go to classes, you are still responsible for the work missed.  I can honestly tell you that there are some professors who will give you "leeway" if the illness or event is unbearable - but at the end you are still responsible for the material that you missed. 

I have had certain events that pulled me away from my bird's eye focus in classes, and I can say that the professors I had were very supportive.  For example, during that time period, my professor allowed me to take an exam a different day or told me a paper is due another day.  The professors here do care about your progress throughtout your reign at UML.  They understand that there are some things you can't control (death, illness) and those things do happen.  So I'm happy to say that I did not have any problems that lead to me losing points for a missed day.  You got to thanks emails! 

So the bottom line is that a college student must have a professional relationship with their professor; COMMUNICATION IS A MUST!!!  Trust me, without a strong sense of communication, nothing worthwhile will happen... other than the fact that your grade will drop...

Well, I have to get off this computer... the flashing screen is not helping my headache. 

Remember, if you see me on campus, give me a friendly hug!  (Just kidding!)  I'm probably just going to spread whatever I have if you give me a hug... but try not to think of that if you want to be a caring friend :-).

- Christian

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