"So, Today is the Only Day I Can Say 'I Love You' to You?"

I've been thinking...
Thinking a lot actually.
About love.
I know that love is so fragile.
So powerful.
So beautiful.
So happy.

But here is the question...

Why do people only use Valentine's Day as the only true "I Love You" day of the year?

Sure, many would argue and say, "Hey! I tell my special someone that I love her/him everyday!"  Those three words, "I love you" is very powerful, probably the most powerful three words put together, but are words by themselves more powerful than words and actions together?  I've heard of stories about couples' relationships ending because one didn't do this or do that.  In other words, one (or both) side(s) of the relationship are complaining that they don't do enough to keep the relationship strong and enduring - all they would dryly say "I Love You" in a meaning-less, "I don't really care" way.  To be honest, my last relationship ended like that - dry - because one side thought the other didn't do enough to keep the love alive.  See, I'm one of those hopeless romantics and I'm not embarrassed to say it.  During my four year relationship with my ex-girlfriend, I surprised her with many things, such as a rose, a guitar song I wrote for her, a painting I created, a "from the heart" poem, a card, and other stuff.  I'm one of those people who believes that if you love someone so much, you got to show it (without spending tons of money), and that's what I did.  I've always told her that "I love her," but I wanted to take it to the next level - take her dancing, dinner, or even the small simple stuff like a walk or simply just sit on the sea wall at the beach and just talk.  Just simply creating memories that would last a life time.  Those were the things that kept the relationship alive... seriously, I don't know what ended it, but I guess it was for the best.

Is Valentine's Day the only day you (yes, you the reader) tell your special someone that you love them?  Is that the only day you take them out to dinner?  See a movie?  Give them flowers, chocolates, and a card?  Think about it.  If you deeply love someone, Valentine's Day should just be a regular day - a day when your love gets stronger.  Everyday should be a Valentine's Day for your love one.  No, you don't have to give her a flower or chocolates.  You can say "I Love You" and give her/him a kiss, a hug, make dinner for him/her, watch T.V. together, or like I said, do something simple like take a walk or just sit down or talk.  Surprise him/her.   

Okay, here's the bottom line... Valentine's Day is commercialized.  In my opinion, I think its a made-up holiday (like Sweetest Day) when big companies like Hallmark make tons of money.  It's just a big buying day.  Like Christmas, there is more to just buying...  Just remember the Beetles song:  "You Can't Buy Me Love."

I'm going to end the blog with a question/challenge:  "Do you love your special someone with all your heart?"  Act on it.  Words and actions together mean a lot, trust me.

- Christian

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