Inauguration 2009 - Out with the old, In with the new

Today is the day the United States and the rest of the world see a change in leadership, a change in everyday life, and a change that will impact our future.  This is when you can say there is a "change of guard" of the President of the United States and the President-elect.  Many people have waited for this day when George W. Bush is no longer the forty-third president, and Barrack Obama becomes the forty-fourth leader of our nation.  This will probably be one of the most memorable historical events I'll ever witness on T.V - from the swearing in of the first African-American president, to the first democratic president of the new Millennium, the end of the reign of a president who went through a lot, from 9/11 to the war. 

I know the last inauguration is a blur in my memory, but I don't remember any inauguration being so up-beat, happy, and exciting.  About a half-hour ago, I watched the motorcade drive down the streets of Washington D.C., and all I could see is a sea of people cheering for their new president of the United States.  Was there this many people in the last inauguration??? There are literally millions of people jammed from the Capitol to the Memorial.  That was pretty cool to see the crowd happy for once, despite the economic crisis, the war, and other hardships during the past decade.  All I could hear from the television is people cheering "O-BA-MA!  O-BA-MA!"  Again, I never heard of a "BUSH" chant in the crowd during the last inauguration.

It's 11:40am, and the chant of "O-BA-MA" starts up again at the anticipation of President-elect Obama's entrance into the Capitol steps.

It's now 11:43am, and President-elect Obama just entered the stage.

There you have it folks, the start of the new, and the end of the old. 

If you are reading this and not watching the Inauguration, go to and you can watch it via live streaming video.

I'm signing-off for now - I'll blog about my thoughts after the Inauguration.

Here's a quote to leave you thinking:
Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
-John F. Kennedy

- Christian 

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