IT'S OVVVVEERRRRR!!! (... for now)

I can finally exhaleWhew.  For the first time in months I'm actually stress-free, relaxed, and all those other synonyms for enjoying relaxation once again! 

For the past 2 weeks, my exercise physiology buddies and I have crammed in a bunch of assignments, presentations, take home finals, in class finals, and other stuff before the "finish-line" end of the semester.  Seriously, this has been a very stressful two weeks, and you know what's weird?  I'm only taking four classes.  Funny enough, I was less stressed out with a six class load than this semester's four class pickup.  Very very strange, or like my friend said to me, "You're completely backwards on that part, man."  I guess it's probably the fact that all my assignments were due on the same day and I needed to strictly enforce some good ol' hardcore time management (which seems impossible at times).  But that's the life of a college student I guess - there is always something due, something to study for hours on, and other administrative due dates you have to meet for your academic program.  It's going to be like that from day 1 freshmen year to graduation.  You're just going to be busy, busy, busy, until you hit these life-saving semester breaks.  Oh well, the academic marathon is over and I can finally kick back and relax...  I wish I could write more about how exciting it is to be out for 2008... but I'm just too excited to sit still right now!!!

So what do I have planned now since my semester?
- Clean up my room (since I've neglected it for the whole semester... yuck)
- Record a few Christmas songs on the guitar (which will soon be on if everything goes as planned)
- A little Christmas shopping
- Call up someone about my new job opportunity (awesome)
- Watch tons of T.V.
- Finally get a good workout in
- Plan stuff with friends
- Be a kid :-)

That's only a short list of the things I want to do right now! 

I know that finals are still going on... so I hope those who are still running the academic marathon finish strong!  Good luck!

- Christian


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