Trick or Treat for the Troops

If you saw a bunch of 20+ year old people walking down the streets in Lowell wearing Halloween costumes, such as a navy sailor, hockey player, or Indiana Jones (which was me), what would you think?  Well, some people would think its just another crazy college stun (like getting free candy/food because college kids are broke).  Fortunately that was not the reason why a bunch of us, my friends, and I went trick or treating near North Campus yesterday.  We went trick or treating to collect candy for care packages that will be sent to soldiers across seas, especially to those in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Basically, we all met around 6:00 on front of Cumnock Hall, then walked as a group up University Ave to hit as many houses as possible.  At first the hunt for candy was slow because there weren't as many houses that were giving out candy.  But as the night went on and our route changed from the main road to side streets, the candy piled up.  I, as the forgetful college student I am, forgot to bring a bag to collect candy, so I had to use all the small number of pockets in my Indiana Jones custome to hold the candy I collected.  Unfortunately, it filled up pretty good and I ended up dumping them all into my buddy's backpack.  At first I thought our bags wouldn't be filled up as much since there weren't that many "candy" houses, but oh boy!  We had a whole hockey bag filled of candy by the end of the night!!!!  And hockey bags are pretty big! 

Trick or Treat for the troops.JPG

I had the privilege to walk with a handful of awesome and caring students and members from various organizations, such as Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK).  It was definitely a great experience and of course tons of fun!  Seriously, when was the last time I dressed up in a costume and went out to go trick or treating?  I can tell you its been awhile since I went door to door asking for candy (... maybe it was more demanding for some good sweets ha ha).  I wish I had done this before!  I'm proud to be part of this event and I hope tons of people will join us next year!!!

JUN 002.jpg

Dr. Indiana Jones signing off,

Christian Indy


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