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Today is the day when America chooses its leaders of the future - from state representatives to the president and vice president of the United States.  Also, certain "questions" or policy changes are voted in by the same privileged American citizens.  November 4, 2008 will be the election that no one will never forget. This is the first time America will see a major change from the "presidential norms" of having a Caucasian male president or vice president.  Tomorrow, everyone will know if Mr. Barrack Obama will be the first African-American president, or Mrs. Sarah Palin will be the first female vice-president.  Because of this major change from the "norm," there is a projected record breaking voter turnout.  So today is definitely a crucial part of American history. 

Obviously as a lifetime American citizen, I exercised my right to vote this morning at my voting poll station at the Mystic Valley Charter School gym.  Funny enough, there was a very small line and a minimal wait time.  It literally took me a good 10 minutes to walk in, check-in, get my ballot, fill it out, and check out.  It was a quick process, so I was extremely happy that I got to participate in this historical election in a short time.  Unfortunately, many voters are having problems with lines, wait times, and broken machines across the nation.  I'm just happy to say that my voting session was not an issue.  Come to think of it, the time is 4:00pm and everyone is coming home from work. There is exactly 4 more hours to vote, and from what I saw in the news, there will be even longer lines and wait times!! 

So if you are reading this and you have not voted yet, head out now!!!  The lines will pile-up outside, and the temperature is dropping!  If you hate the cold and hate long lines, go now!  Don't even finish reading this blog!! GO GO!!  

Okay, for those who already voted, congrats! (Ha Ha).  Now is the time when you can just sit here and wait (and do homework obviously).  Seriously, I'm completely excited to hear who's the winner!  History will change no matter who wins/loses.  The way of life may change forever.  The War in Iraq might come to an end.  I just have a big feeling inside (a little nervous actually) on what will happen when the new president gets sworn in.  Will the changes be for the good, or for the worse? There are so many questions that needs to be answered, and I'm hoping our new President can answer them without problems.

So did you do your part today?  (If not, why didn't you stop reading and run out to vote!! Just kidding!).

Christian Tiongson for 2012! (Yeah Right) 

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