Malden, MA - The Best Place To Raise Your Kids in MA (... Seriously??)

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I was browsing through one night and I came across one of their famous "best of the best" or "top something" lists.  This weeks special was the best places to raise your kids, which labeled the best city in each state.  Curiously, I clicked on Massachusetts.  Next thing you know, the name "Malden, MA" came up.  Oh man, I started to crack up laughing.  How can my hometown be the best city to raise your kids?  Before I start typing a storm of pros and cons, here's some extra information about the selection process.

Cities were picked with at least 50,000 residents and a median family income between $40k - $100k.  Then they had to have good numbers/characteristics in the following criteria was that was listed on 

- Affordability (MAJOR PLUS!)
- School Performance
- Number of Schools
- Household Expenditures
- Crime rates
- Air quality
- Job growth
- Family income
- Museums
- Parks
- Theaters
- Diversity, etc. etc.

And with all those standards and criteria, Malden, MA manages to be the top city in the state of Massachusetts.  If you think about how the research was conducted and presented on the site, Malden, MA is actually part of the top 50 best places to raise your kids in the United States.  How crazy is that?

Here are the pros about Malden: 

- Like what the website said, Malden is very diverse.  Honestly, I don't see a majority or a minority in this city.  It seems that all the "races" are equal to each other, meaning they all have the same number.  Everyone gets along, which means there is absolutely no type of racism here. 

- School-wise, there are many schools in Malden.  The city built 5 brand new public elementary schools, have 3 high schools, and have two private elementary schools.  Plus there are many great small "schools" within the community.  If you want to learn how to play from the best musicians in the area, look for BMR Music off Salem St!!  

- Sports-wise, Malden has the best recreational and high school programs in the nation.  Malden Babe Ruth continues to offer young players a low registration fee with the best competitive baseball league in the state.  Malden Pop Warner A Squad was so good that they went to the Super Bowl of Pop Warner in Disney's World of Sports Facility in Florida.  It was also aired on ESPN.  Malden High School and Malden Catholic continues to build high caliber sports teams in the Greater Boston League and Catholic Conference respectively... heck I can go on and on about sports! 

- Accessibility is probably the most well known factor.  Malden has two "Orange Line" MBTA subway stops and one commuter rail stop.  Malden is near and is surrounded by major highways:  I-93, Rt. 1, Rt 128 (I-95).  Boston is literally a good 10-15 minutes drive away, so accessing major historical points, entertainment, and sporting events is no problem.  Shopping centers are scattered around Malden also. 

I can go on and on about the great stuff about Malden.

Here are the cons (which actually came up first when I started laughing):

- I think the crime rate here is high with the increasing levels of gang activity, drug trades, and other stupid stuff that goes on during the day and night.  Malden is located near some crime-ridden cities, and it seems that more criminals from other places come here to do their stupid stuff, like drug trades, gang stuff, or stealing products from Stop and Shop. The police are working their butts off trying to get criminals off the street, but crime continues to happen (not their faults).  Honestly, I would not walk by myself in Malden in the early evening to late night hours.  I don't want to get jumped.

- The MCAS scores for Malden increased just a little, but wasn't enough to make Malden Public Schools look like the best of the best.  The program is so obsessed with the MCAS that the majority of the teaching staff only focuses on that test, and not learning outside of it.  Malden is trying its best to promote the arts and increasing their quality of education, but putting their 100% effort on the MCAS lags from actual learning.

- Pot Holes:  Seriously, Malden has some pretty bad roads.  Many major roads still haven't been repaved or totally reconstructed, which is actually hurting the commute.  I've noticed more construction activity during the summer, but I still think Malden needs to fix their roads so the commute would be less bumpy.

- Malden Square??????  Seriously, that square is completely littered with dumb dollar stores.  What happened to the "golden age" when Malden Square was always busy?  If you stepped on the Main St. / Pleasant St. "T" intersection and looked into the square, I bet you would've thrown up at the site of it.  The area just looks so gray... the concrete road doesn't make it look better.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but Malden Square is sooo boring.  It is true that Malden is trying to improve the square so the "Golden Age" would return again, but right now, it looks like its not happening.  The only three major changes I've seen is the construction of a new apartment building, the new building for the Department of Education, and a new Senior Citizen Community building.  Other than that, the ugliest looking city hall is still sitting on the middle of Pleasant St, which continues to detour traffic since the 1950s (or even later).

Again, I can also go on for the cons.

So in conclusion, I was a bit surprised that Malden was the best place to raise their kids.  I just had a conversation with my dad about this shocking finding, and he just had the total opposite reaction.  He told me that Malden was very good to our family.  My siblings and I never had a problem living here and had the best education from Malden.  And look at us now, I'm a senior in college, my sister is a junior in college, my younger brother is a freshmen also in college, and my youngest brother is a junior in high school.  So, my dad thinks that we got the best out of Malden, from sports to education.

So hats off to Malden, MA for being the best city to raise your children!



brad said:

i have been in and around malden my whole life and always thought that it was a wonderful city i live now in there best kept secret west side !!i moved back here thinking that i could start my life and be happy !!
i then quickly found out that even tho my house does not have a driveway i am going to be littered with tickets and if that wasnt bad enough the police were told to write more
it is now 2 dollars for every trashbag that you put on the sidewalk and get fined for not recycling
and the building dept is now suing me for some work i did to my house along with 265 other homeowners in an attempt to build revenue

so if you ask me malden is a very poorly managed and corrupt city and i cant wait for the market to recover for i would not raise a puppy in this city

I hear you, Brad. I used to think that Malden was a great city. But after hearing that the police chief wants all cops to at least ticket more than once a day, I started thinking of the word "corruption." So instead of easing the burden on everyone, they added "more bricks" on our backs. Malden is pretty much run by "people who know each other from high school" which is totally (fill in the blank).

And you're getting sued on work that you did? Hmmm, I guess Malden is adding more policies without telling us, once again. What happened to this city? We're looking more like Everett and Chelsea. Everyone is unhappy with the trash tax... heck we're unhappy about a lot of things.

Well Brad, good luck with everything!

- Christian

Malden Tax said:

It was on of the most AFFORDABLE places to raise your kid. Not places to raise your kid.....actually get the facts from our blog:

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