Sox of Hope (Because I Can't Say Ray of Hope)

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Hey everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't stuck to my temporary Sox / Student blog posts.  A lot of things happened this week which threw me off course with everything, so I'm in the catch-up phase... I also think that no one wants to read a blog about the Sox getting absolutely blasted by the Rays.

So let's start new here!! 

The Sox are down 3-1 in the ALCS. 

Doesn't that remind you about the past few ALCS with the Sox? 


Let's look at the 2004 ALCS (above).  The Yankees, who were the AL East winners were up 3-0 in the series.  During Game 3 of the that series, the Yankees demolished the Red Sox 19-8.  Obviously, you know what happened with that series!  The Sox won the next four games and went straight to the World Series to win it all!


Let's look at the 2007 ALCS (above).  The Indians, who were the AL Central winners were up 3-1 in the series.  During Game 4 of that series, the Indians shooked the Sox 4-3, leaving the Sox with the good ol' "Do or Die" situation.  The Sox won the next three games and went straight to the World Series to win it all!!!


To top off that sweet historical baseball cake, each time the Sox did that, they swept their opponents (Cardinals and Rockies) in the World Series (World Series rings above).

So can the Sox repeat their ALCS miracle run?  If you think of the chances, there is probably a smaller chance of repeating this event.  But because the Sox have tons of experience of being behind with their backs against the wall, I think the Sox definitely have the drive to reach for a World Series ticket.  Look, we have our ace Dice-K on the mound.  He gave us one of the best performances in Red Sox ALCS history.  So a win from him tonight would give the Sox the extra motivation to create a war path into the Series.  A Dice-K win would charge up Beckett for the Game 6 ace come-back (sounds like Ace Combat).  And obviously we have our young gun, Jon Lester for Game 7.

So all looks bright Red Sox Nation!  The Sox hit the panic button and now are ready to fight to the very end.  In my opinion I believe the Sox can do this.  They can surprise the Rays with a big win, and demolish them away at Tropicana Stadium.   I still have the good ol' Red Sox faith going on!  Even if it was depressing to watch the last three games, I'm not going to quit on the Sox!!!

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- Christian


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