OUCH!!!!!!!! 6 Hours Ending in Disaster


That was some pretty suspenseful and intense game of baseball!!  The L.A. Angels and Boston Red Sox were basically battling out with two causes:  The Sox are fighting to advance to the American League Championship Series and the Angels are fighting a sweep and trip home with thoughts of next year.  And what a fight it was!

I felt bad for my good friend, Kristin who won tickets to the game last night.  She basically sat through a very tense game in the freezing cold and watched them lose.  Poor Kris!  I'm happy to say that she still felt good after the game because, like me, WE LOVE THE RED SOX!!  Hey, at least she get to see her favorite player  future husband, Jacoby Ellsbury, make history last night;  he is the first hitter in history to have 3 RBIs in a one single.  Boys, that's the reason why you run hard when you have 2 outs under your belts!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Angels were being patient at the plate and taking advantage of Beckett's mishaps and defensive mistakes.  They keep their cool the whole game and held tight to that 4-4 tie for a good 6 innings (from the 5th to the 12th inning).  Angels pitching was dominating last night;  they were 100% different than Games 1 and 2!  They kept the Sox in check with "sure-out" pitches and got out of jams without any problems.  And I'm not saying the Sox bullpen wasn't great.  They also showed their strengths throughout the whole "tied" span of the game, but the Angels got the best of the Sox in the 12th inning against Javier Lopez.

To be absolutely honest with you, I didn't like Lopez falling into that relieving spot in the 12th.  I'm not saying that because he allowed the game-winning Angel's run.  It seems like everytime I watched Lopez pitch (except for a good 1 or 2 times), he either gets racked (gives up tons of hits and runs), or walks a bunch of people.  Maybe it was just me...  Also I believe in the whole concept that submarine pitchers are easier to hit than overhead/ three-fourths / sidearm pitchers. 

Here's my theory of submarine pitchers:  Most of the time, submarine pitchers throw a fast ball that drops.  This drop is usually caused by the arm motion of the pitcher, the way the pitcher holds it, and the release of that pitch.  All those factors would cause the ball to have an extra spin.  Plus (using physics), the pitch is more likely to go against gravity in a diagonal path, like a very lean geometrical right angle (even if gravity wouldn't have as much of an effect than air resistance, the spin of the ball, and the release point).  This would cause the ball to drop in like a batting practice pitch that is going a good 90mph.  Usually when hitters see that predictable drop, their eyes light up, and they turn on it (or in lame man's terms, they hit the ball really hard).  That's what I thought about when the Angels scored that final run to win the game.  And don't get me wrong!  I don't hate submarine pitchers!  They are awesome pitchers who give that extra spice to the pitching pen/rotation.  I just believe that since the Angels are one dangerous group of hitters, I would've went with the over the umbilical Paul Byrd. 

Jon Lester No Hitter.jpg
Photo from South Carolina Sox Fan Blog

But the past is the past, and today's game is a new game!  We have our Game 1 hero Jon Lester on the mound and the Sox will use all that frustrations and vent it against the Angels!  I'm not worried about last night's game, because I have faith in the Sox!!  We can do it!  We have the talent, the speed, the hitters, and the drive to win another championship!


- Coach Christian Tiongson

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