Game 1: Can I say Bay Bay Baby?

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Who said that Jason Bay was a horrible replacement for Manny Ramirez?  Who said that he'll have the first game jitters?  Who said that the Red Sox will lose some home run power when Manny left? 

Well, if you said those stuff about Jason Bay, you mind as well wear a "Kick Me Sign" behind your back. 

The Red Sox showed the world that they don't give up deep into the game.  The Sox stunned the L.A. Angels with dramatic fashion, 4-1. The Sox didn't seemed like a broken down, injured prone team last night.  J.D. Drew and Mike Lowell "defensively" contributed to the Sox win, although they did not produce any runs or hits last night, which I think is fine with me.  Let me explain:  When was the last time those two had a real hardcore Red Sox game?  And when I say Red Sox game, I don't mean a minor league triple AAA game.  When was the last time they were under the pressure of the nation's eye?  I think they just needed to be broken into their normal baseball lifestyle.  Sure, J.D. Drew and Mike Lowell are "healthy" enough to be on the ALDS roster, but its still pretty obvious that the veterans are still hurting from their injuries.  Despite an offensive "Silent Night," they still were there to back up Lester in one of the young pitcher's greatest performances ever. 

Most of you would've said that Lester didn't pitch his greatest game last night;  he gave up 6 hits and 1 run in his 7.0 inning outing.  But playoff-wise, the rest of his stats are phenomeon!  Okay, let's add in the 1 run he only gave up in 7 innings... his ERA was 0.00 last night, he had 7 strikeouts, and only gave up 1 walk.  That is definitely ace-caliber material right there.  Like what Terry Francona, who is the Sox manager, and the rest of the media have said, Jon Lester is growing before our eyes.  He went from being a "kid" in the clubhouse to Red Sox Nation's future ace.  With all the stuff he went through, he definitely showed the world that he is stronger than any other pitcher in the league.  There is no doubt about that.  Lester has a bright future ahead of him, and nothing... absolutely nothing will stop him!

There were tons of great plays last night like Ellsbury's diving catch to save a base hit, Jon Lester's striking out the side, Papelbon's strong close, Youk's heads-up play in shallow right field to throw up "Vlad Glad," and of course the great Jason Bay hitting a two-run homerun to give the Sox the deciding lead.  Oh man, last night was definitely a game to put in the books!  That game gave me a great feeling about this year.  It felt like old times from the yelling, the high fives, listening to the radio when I wasn't home, wearing my Red Sox gear in World Series fashion, and having my eyes glued to my wide screen T.V. in my family room.  Oh it just felt sooooooo good inside! 

One game down!  Two to go!  Then off to the ALCS!!!!



Marie Tan said:


I love your blog, very informative.

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Eric Sztanyo said:

Ok, I know I'm a bit tardy on this comment, but I heard an interesting stat over the All Star game on Jason Bay. I want to say that since that trade, he has put up more RBI than any other outfielder in baseball? Something like that. Maybe 2nd most. Either way, great trade for the Sox.

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